All Girl Skate Jam Invades Vans Warped Tour

Amelia Brodka, Julz Lynn, Kerri Richards, Arriana Cardona, Sarah Thompson

On Friday, June 22, All Girl Skate Jam invaded the Vans Warped Tour at the Pomona Fairplex for its 9th consecutive year on VWT. Staying true to their motto of “All Ages, All Abilities, All Girls,” All Girl Skate Jam featured a field of 15 female riders battling it out on the Vans mini ramp for a number of prizes including a snowboard from Arbor Collective as well as gear from Vans, Pro-Tec, Element, Eden, Transworld Skateboarding, Aerial7, Lazy Dog Cafe, John Lennon Educational Bus Tour, Chipotle, and Raskullz.

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From Over The Hill with The Walrus – 1985

Growing up in Alhambra in the summer of  85 was not your ordinary summer. That year my old man and I built my first quarter pipe/launch ramp. I call it a mix of both because the transitions were horrible and if you went too fast you could launch out of it. It had no coping and the wood could splinter the hell out of you if you weren t careful. I would bring it out every day and usually session by myself or with my friend Daniel Riggi. Read more

Wรถrgl D.I.Y. – construction phase 5 completed!

Without any experience how to work with concrete we started building the first section of the park 7 years ago…since this time we got somehow addicted and whenever we have collected a bit of money we came back to the construction site to build another part! Wรถrgl Skatepark became one of the best skate spots in Austria and after all there is no end in sight! Read more

OGJS #3 – The Cove in Santa Monica CA.

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Birdhouse Left Coast Tour – Stop #1

The Birdhouse Skateboad Team has commenced their new ‘Left Coast Tour’ yesterday. I jumped in my buggy and headed over to Santa Clarita Skatepark to check out the mob scene. Where ever Tony Hawk goes, the mob is sure to follow and today was just like many before. The Birdhouse team is a wrecking crew beside the Birdman so its not a one man show, not a bowl only show, or a street only show. Its a good all around demo stoking out everyone. Read more

THE OPENING of “Skate It, or Hang It!?

The day broke down into three key components. Midmorning had throngs of Atlanta skaters congregating around the historic Fox Theater in anticipation of skating down Peachtree Street with the full cooperation of the city. 11am chimed and the swarm took off with a bang and carved, pushed, and manualed the 15 blocks to the Museum of Design ATLANTA. It was refreshign to see Atlanta legends Jeremiah Babb, Stormy Pruett, and Grant Taylor come out to support and participate in the the event… Adopted Atlanean, Justin Brock was on hand as well. Steve Olson and Lance Mountain were spotted checking out the action along the "parade" route! Read more

Stuck in the middle again…Hermann’s Bash

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OGJS #2 – Skatelab in Simi Valley

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Second Annual BONELESS One

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The Badlands Anniversary Bash

Upland Skatepark Fullpipe

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Skate For A Cause

The 3rd annual Skate for A Cause went down on May 5th at the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest CA. It was jam packed with smile, money raising for Autism, pro skaters, fun contest, and out right ripping on a skateboard. The host is, of course, Ryan Sheckler.  $86,000 bucks was raised


Fred Water Legends Bowl Contest: Sergie Ventura

Duracell SkaterCross: Daniel Vargas

Red Bull Tech Center Best Trick Contest: Kurtis Colamanico

CCS Tranny Best Trick: Charlie Blair

Duracell Stairs, Hubbas, Rails Best Trick Contest.

Old Guy Bowl Jam Series, Stop #1, Pedlow Skatepark

There are many stories to tell, and the old guys always have the most. Todays tale is about attrition. Skateboarding is a wonderful yet punishing sport. It is part of the majesty of it. Your going to have to pick yourself up off the ground almost immediately as soon as you ever step onto a rolling piece of wood. Our senses just aren’t ready the first time. This first step is the point where most people either hang it up or decide "I aint going to let anything in life stop me ". So after the first day the majority of potential skateboarders get left in the dust and move on to things in life that are easier. That is attrition!


Mike Buckley – usually the ‘Old Guy’ ripping Pedlow, today he won the Young Guns division 30-39 year olds.

For those of us that remain riding, we pile up the pain, scars, broken bones, slams, etc. which become markers to our personal stories which easily relate to other skaters. Those that don’t go through it just don’t know.  Anyhow, to my knowledge this is the first time there has been a contest with an over 50 division. Few are left. Most skaters in their 50’s are left with fond memories and aching bodies from a life long battle against gravity. Fewer still are able to skateboard on any given day like a contest day. Today we saw a select few who were willing and able to rip ride the conrete pit in Van Nuys Ca. These dudes, one and all, inspire us younger (yet old), skate rats more then they know.


 Rich Sanchez, winner of the 40-49 year olds, has been sweating to the oldies longer then Richard Simmons.


Eddie Hadvina – Winner of the grand Masters, 50 +, Hi on life and high on a tuck knee.

The hardest trick when riding at this stage in life is getting people your age motivated to skate with. Attrition again takes it’s toll when skaters get old enough to be raising new skaters and jobs and stress have been known to make a person tired. I salute the few soldiers who remain! Those that have fought through life to still be able to find themselves addicted to grinding defenseless pool blocks on their wooden toys get my utmost respect. To all those who have gone down in flames along the way we all wish you were here to join us. Heal up and come on back to the game when you can.


Quite a crew of participants – I can’t even count the years of experience between them all. Combined, were’ talking several hundred years worth…


1) Eddie Hadvina
2) Chuck Hultz
3) Robert Weddle
4) Carlos Novo
5) Steve Wright

1) Rich Sanchez
2) Ron Chatman
3) Jim Gray
4) Aaron Glasscock
5) Jeff Greenwood

1) Michael Buckley
2) George Watanabe

3) Zack Mayall

4) Kevin Davis

Kevin Bradley – 1st place, Longest gap ollie


Kevin Davis, flying high today!


Our DJ, Chris keeping the pace,


Ron Chatman – 2nd Place 40-49. Ripped with style!


George Watanabe – Speed and style all around the bowl – 2nd – 30-39.


Jim Gray - Skateboarder

Jim Gray – None went fast with a bigger smile. 3rd – 40-49.


Aaron Glasscock – worked all inches of the pool block and turned on a dime with them custom trucks. 4th – 40-49.




Heidi Lemmon, from the SPAUSA, is the brainchild of this series. She first mentioned she wanted to do it about a year ago, maybe more. Well, one day I got a flyer in the email box and she was going for it. I was stoked to see it happening. Thanks to the judges, Chuck and Jim for Mc-ing, Chris for the DJ-ing, Yoshi for mc and judging help. Marty Grimes for all the support. I also need to thank OG Eddie for the camera and pics, and also David Barker for his picture of the group. Thanks to the sponsors listed on the Flyer:

#2 The next event is going to be at Skatelab in the Birch Bowl on May 19 and its double points.

#3 Santa Monica at the Cove
#4 undecided
#5 Championship at Pedlow

Don’t be a puss! Come out and skate the next one!


Channel St. Benefit Show 2012

Channel Street Skatepark

All $1,300 of the proceeds raised went directly to the S.P.S.A. (San Pedro Skatepark Association)… Read more

Kids in Paradise

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, Santa Barbara CA. Premiere

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The All-Girl Skate Jam / Warped Tour

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Pedro goes bowling on the beach.

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Pedro Barros-winner

 Pedro Barros had the fire in his eyes as he destroyed the bowl contest at the Pantech Open in Ocean City, Maryland. Maryland native Bucky Lasek took second and Ben Hatchell rounded out the podium, both with strong showings. History was made as this was was the first contest thrown in a temporary, portable cement bowl, the first of it’s kind ever built. Portable bowl on the beach kind of sounds like– outhouse –but this bowl was absolutely not a piece of crap. Everyone of the skaters that I talked to,  said it was fun to ride. Steve Caballero was raving about the bowl and talking about how great this event is for the new generation of skaters. Even the event itself was fun. Often, ‘Made for TV’ skateboard events feel more like being in a prison than going skateboarding, with someone always yelling at you, telling you were can’t be and so on.

Bucky Lasek- 2nd place

Ben Hatchell-3rd place

The vibe on the deck in Ocean City was much more– dare we say– fun? Maybe the good bowl vibes spread through the security and all the camera people or there were conscious decisions made to make it more like a really fun skateboard event. While the skateboarders and hot skate action were definitely the stars of the show, the bowl itself, the vibe on the deck and the fact that it was a little cooler definitely contributed to a good time overall. 

Andy Macdonald- 4th place

Nolan Munroe-5th place

The ten skaters were broken down into two groups of 5 and given four 35 second runs with their top two run scores determining the results. This was different than the 15 minute jam sessions they did in qualifying. The top 5 of the 10 were taken and put in a second super jam to determine the final results. Four of the guys, Pedro, Bucky, Andy and Rune also skated in the vert ramp. A few of the guys were talking about the challenges of skating the different transition sizes.

At the beginning of practice it did seem the timing was off for some of the guys skating vert too but these guys are the best in the world and seemed to find their bowl legs. Nolan Munroe made it into the final, his crazy transfer line from shallow to deep, over the hip and into big 540 on the face wall of the deep end definitely did not hurt. Andy MacDonald has a very deep bag of tricks so it’s no surprise that he cracked the top 5. Ben Hatchell went to work on the lip, maybe more so than anyone else in the final, deep end, shallow end, flat wall, corners, he worked the lip with speed and style. The fact that he threw in airs, including padless 540’s in the deep means it’s no surprise he got on the podium.

If you know Bucky Lasek you know he can throw down in a bowl like this. Bucky is so good at these things you pretty much expect him to win. A few bails kept him in second but Bucky is always rad to watch. Pedro went huge, went fast, had the sick transfer lines and threw down multiple 540’s. Pedro won the Pool Party in epic style and had a similar performance in Ocean City. – George Crosland

Thank you to George Crosland for the text & Allisports for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Finals Results

1 Pedro Barros

2 Bucky Lasek

3 Ben Hatchell

4 Andy Macdonald

5 Nolan Munroe

6 Omar Hassan

7 Rune Glifberg

8 Ben Raybourn

9 Benji Galloway

10 Kevin Kowalski


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Skaters Take Action for Rio Sul Bowl – Brasil

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