THE OPENING of “Skate It, or Hang It!?

The day broke down into three key components. Midmorning had throngs of Atlanta skaters congregating around the historic Fox Theater in anticipation of skating down Peachtree Street with the full cooperation of the city. 11am chimed and the swarm took off with a bang and carved, pushed, and manualed the 15 blocks to the Museum of Design ATLANTA. It was refreshing to see Atlanta legends Jeremiah Babb, Stormy Pruett, and Grant Taylor come out to support and participate in the the event… Adopted Atlanean, Justin Brock was on hand as well. Steve Olson and Lance Mountain were spotted checking out the action along the “parade” route!

The Evolution of Skateboard Art at Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)”

Grant Taylor

Grant Taylor leads the charge down Peachtree past the Fox Theater


Upon arriving at the museum, the Pizza Ramps crew was hastily assembling a street course for the 5boro demo. Willy Akers, Joe Tookmanian, Danny Falla, Jimmy McDonald, Jordan Trahan along with Steve Rodriguez, Tombo Colabraro, & Mark Nardelli flew in earlier in the week for the demo. Locals Justin Brock, Graham Bickerstaff, Jeremiah Babb, Grant Taylor, and a handful of others joined in for the hour long demonstration.

long view of the 5boro demo, look closely to see Willy Akers lipsliding the inside of the doorway

Tombo, Steve Rodriguez & Jimmy McDonald during the 5boro demo


Willy Akers appoaches the QP doorway on Peachtree Street

As the ramps were flipped over at 1pm precisely, the crowds moved inside to take in the exhibition and meet the artists. The show focuses on Powell’s VCJ, NHS’s Jim Phillips, & Wes Humpston along with Sean Cliver, Andy Howell, Lance Mountain, Michael Sieben, and Steve Olson. These last five gents were on hand during the opening. 148 classic boards hang in one of the main galleries. Atlanta-based artists influenced by skateboard art, Alex Brewer aka HENSE and Charlie Owens have original installations at the show. Local artist Todd Vaught curated this monumental exhibit. The shows is up til September 16th and is worth a visit! 

the earlier section of classic wood

the Blender boards in this shot are from Nick Halkias’ collection

Lance was mobbed everywhere he went… Mugging with a local and spitfire teammate Justin Brock

Lance Mountains artwork

part of Lance’s wall

sean cliver

Sean Cliver photographs the WES HUMPSTON display

Andy Howell signs Jeremiah Babb’s Art, Skateboarding, and Life book

Michael Sieben brought the clan out from Austin.

an assortment of classic Sieben sketches

the main piece on Jim Phillips of Santa Cruz fame

some of Steve Olsen’s take on the world

Jeremiah Babb, Justin Brock, & Stormy Pruett hold it down in ATLANTA


Ian from Ruin, John from Woody’s Halfpipe, Nick Halkias, & curator Todd Vaught


kevin marks