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The All-Girl Skate Jam / Warped Tour

Leticia Bufoni keeping her water close at hand
Leticia Bufoni keeping her water close at hand

(Photos by Ana Paula Negrao and Patty Segovia)

After having heard about Patty Segovia’s All-Girl Skate Jam series for the past 10 years, I was excited to receive an invite for the miniramp contest at this year’s Warped Tour in Carson, CA. I was so excited that I showed up before the ramp was even built, and I watched as the wave of screamo/pop-punk enthusiasts rolled in to watch the bands and AGSJ’s fashion show/skate contest/concert.

The event kicked off with a fashion show showcasing some of the latest AGSJ designs and Stila’s line of beauty products and make-up.

Leticia Bufoni, after just having placed at the X Games street contest the week before, graced the ramp with flawless Brazilian style. Her floaty frontside ollies and smiths, 5-0s and nosegrinds across the entire length of the ramp (despite the sticky coping) earned her 1st place along with a bass guitar.

Amelia Brodka
Amelia Brodka F.S. Rock and roll

As for me, after being out from an MCL sprain all summer, I just made myself dizzy with a slew of revert tricks, disasters and tail slides.

Allysha Bergado
Allysha Bergado

Allysha Bergado is certainly no stranger to transition, if the halfpipe were any bigger we would have all stood witness to her head-high airs and perfect inverts. Her bag of miniramp tricks is also impressive, compete with bonelesses and lein-to-tails.

I love watching Amee Jay skate, that girl is FIERCE! She WILL back smith your face off . She charged across the ramp with aggressive and stylish front 50-50s and 5-0s.

I’m still impressed with the way that Melissa Spillman started all of her runs by finger flipping her board into a tail drop. She was able to back up her stylish entry with some nice backside sweepers and kickflip rocks to fakie.

Olivia Rhode’s chill, surfy skate style is to be admired. She threw cut-back-like slashers every which way along with smiths, 5-0s and sweepers.

Luckily, Eliana Sosco and Jessica Florencio were still in town from Brazil for the X-Games, so they joined the jam session.

Annika Vrklan
Annika “The Flying Bunny” Vrklan

Annika “The Flying Bunny” Vrklan and her sister Klara came to represent for the groms. Seven-year-old Annika was pulling fakie disasters and 50-50s. She and her five-year-old sister Klara are charging harder every day, I wish I could have started skating at that age!

AGSJ enjoys Bull Taco
AGSJ enjoys Bull Taco

Bull Taco drove up from San Diego and set up early in the morning to provide endless shrimp, carne asada and vegetarian taco deliciousness for all of the skaters and performers.

A big thanks goes out to AGSJ sponsors Stila, Foam Magazine, VWT, Vans, Girlz Garage, KAB, B4BC, Bull Taco and Pro-Tec, S.l.a.t.e, X Games Energy drink.

Leticia Bufoni and Amelia Brodka
Leticia Bufoni and Amelia Brodka



1. Leticia Bufoni

2. Amelia Brodka

3. Allysha Bergado

4. Amee Jay Papelera

5. Melissa Spillman

6. Olivia Rohde

7. Eliana Sosco

8. Jessica Florencio


1. Annika Vrklan

2. Klara Vrklan

Lisa Whitaker and Patty Segovia
Lisa Whitaker and Patty Segovia

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