I.E. Skate Series Stop #3 Upland Skatepark 2012

Stop #3 of the I.E. Skate Series was held on Saturday December 15th, 2012 at the Upland Skatepark… Read more

The Badlands Anniversary Bash

Upland Skatepark Fullpipe

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Favorite Skateparks of Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez 5 favorite Skateparks

This park is very mellow and smooth. Its a real fun place to learn tricks and just roll around. It has a round bowl connected to a square bowl with a 6 ft spine, and a nice little flow area.

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Upland Skate Series Finals

…let me just fill you in…it’s gnarly. Don’t get me wrong, the pipe is perfect and the bowl at the end is clean.

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Concrete Disciples’ Skatepark Blitz IV

Socal Skatepark Blitz #4

Fontana, Upland, Monrovia, and Duarte. Concrete skateparks rule and skating with more than 30 Disciples at 4 killer parks makes for a good time. Read more

Socal Skatepark Blitz II

Concrete Disciples Socal Skatepark Blitz 2

Socal Skatepark Blitz

“We had skated a backyard pool, the sickest full pipe, and a hand full of the best parks in Southern California all in a 15 hour period. If that does not say Concrete Disciples for life, I do not know what does. ” Read more

Socal Skatepark Blitz

“The Bowl Blitz was spawned from a Concrete Disciples poll of the best bowls in SoCal. The list included the bowls at the following parks: Fontana, Coronado, Upland, Laguna Niguel, Clairemont YMCA, and Vans in Orange. ”

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Upland Skateparks Grand Opening

Upland Skatepark Grand Opening

It was a glorious day for Disciples across the southland. An enormous piece of concrete had become available to ride on for free daily. And what a piece of concrete this thing is!

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