The Girls Combi Classic 2011 Results

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UNDEREXPOSED Teaser / Girls Combi Classic Recap from Amelia Brodka on Vimeo.

The 2011 Girls Combi Pool Classic contest is in the books. Allysha Bergado took home the biggest prize of the day beating out some really intense competition in the legendary Combi Pool at the Vans Skatepark in Orange CA.  Rooting each other on just as much as the fans the skating level continued to rise through out the afternoon. One girl after another upping the ante and giving it their best shot. I have seen girls push skateboarding a long way the past 25 years and they have collectively been through a lot. The older guard has taught the new generation well and have paved a foundation to continue to build off of. Events like this stoke me out, where as some alternatives usually leaves me bitter.

Great job ladies! Thanks can go far and deep and I will miss many great people and companies who make this happen, so I’ll just leave it at a huge thanks to Vans for their continued support of skateboarding.


Here’s a few action pics and the results follow below them:

Combi Overview

Combi Pool is warming up!


Abby Zsarnay

Abby Zsarnay feeble grinds the hell out the round wall


 Amelia Brodka

I love crail slides with pink casts – Amelia Brodka


Jen O'Brien

Jen O’Brien – F.S. Air


Nora Vasconcellos


Justyce Taybor




(Click this link to get complete results off the World Cup Skateboarding website

Pro Results:

1. Allysha Bergado $3,500.00
2. Mimi Knoop $1,800.00
3. Lizzie Armanto $1,500.00
4. Julie Kindstrand $1,000.00
5. Amelia Brodka $750.00
6. Nora Vasconcellos $400


AM Results:

1. Mikayla Sheppard
2. Arianna Carmona
3. Hannah Branom
4. Tarryn Ross
5. Madi Thomas
6. Annika Vrklan

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