Camtest / Tucklove / Pink Motel 2015

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History Made at the 10th Year of Vans Pool Party

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My assignment was not to have an assignment.. In my older age I’m coming to the conclusion that ideas are dangerous, and the idea is not to have one. However, attending the 11-year anniversary @ Channel Street on ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ was a good idea. Keep coming, keep supporting. That’s what makes worthwhile things and times keep happening around here.

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Florida Bowl Riders Cup 2013

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Vans Am Combi Contest 2011

It was an awesome day at the Combi pool yesterday as a good chunk of tomorrows top bowl riders battled it out at the Vans Skatepark in Orange CA. Youngsters from all over flew in to take part in the big bowl riding showdown and they delivered big time! Most of the comments I heard throughout the day were unanimous, it is ‘inspiring’ and ‘amazing’ and ‘…it makes me want to skate.’ Check out the video clips to get a decent taste of the action:


Results: 15 & under

1. Alex Sorgente

2. Clay Kreiner

3. Chris Russell

4. Cory Juneau

5 Juan Pinerio

6. Archer Braun

7. Morgan Wolf

8. Kaden Cambell

9. Heimana Reynolds

10. Max Jenson






Results: 16 & over

1. Austin Poynter

2. Dalton Dern

3. Zach Rose

4. Raven Tershay

5. Marshell LaFrance

6. Cason Kirk

7. Al Brunelle

8. Shane Allison

9. Keith Baldassare

10. Frank Schaffroth