Vans and Tony Hawk Announce Official Brand Partnership

Tony Hawk, Vans Off The Wall Skatepark, Huntington Beach, CA Image Credit: by Michael Burnett

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El Gato Classic

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Tony Hawk Joins Sony

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Birdhouse Summer Tour Dates

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Bondi Bowl-a-rama Results 2014

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Clash @ Clairemont 7

The Clash Rocked Clairemont this weekend! Read more

Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

Special Edition DVD sheds light on Primitive. Read more

Birdhouse Left Coast Tour – Stop #1

The Birdhouse Skateboad Team has commenced their new ‘Left Coast Tour’ yesterday. I jumped in my buggy and headed over to Santa Clarita Skatepark to check out the mob scene. Where ever Tony Hawk goes, the mob is sure to follow and today was just like many before. The Birdhouse team is a wrecking crew beside the Birdman so its not a one man show, not a bowl only show, or a street only show. Its a good all around demo stoking out everyone. Read more

Birdhouse Left Coast Tour Dates

The Badlands Anniversary Bash

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Quiksilver Presents: The Tony Hawk Vert Jam



Quiksilver Presents The Tony Hawk Vert Jam

In New York City To Kick Off The Quiksilver Pro New York


Huntington Beach, Calif. (July 14, 2011) – Quiksilver Presents the Tony Hawk Vert Jam to officially kick off the Quiksilver Pro New York supported by Vitamin Water on Friday, September 2 with a massive halfpipe demo free to the public at Hudson River Park’s Pier 54. Then on Saturday, September 3, Tony and his Birdhouse crew will skate the street park at the Quiksilver Pro New York surf festival location in Long Beach, New York. These events will be the final stops for Tony’s east coast summer tour, Quiksilver Presents the Birdhouse MIA to NYC Tour powered by Tech Deck.

“NYC is always a blast and skating has deep roots there,” says Tony Hawk. “It’s an honor to be invited to do a demo of this caliber in the Big Apple!”

The Quiksilver Pro New York is the first World Championship Tour surf competition ever held in New York with an unprecedented $1 million dollar prize purse, and also features a giant live music stage and skate, motocross and BMX demos from the world’s best action sports athletes.  Skateboarding legends Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab, along with Jesse Fritsch, Mitchie Brusco, Sandro Dias, Neil Hendrix and Elliot Sloan will give fans the opportunity to see the best that skateboarding has to offer. 


“We are excited to have the Tony Hawk Vert Jam launch the Quiksilver Pro New York,” said Mike Matey, Quiksilver Vice President of Marketing. “Tony always brings an amazing experience and it’s the perfect way to kick-off two weeks of surf, skate, music, fashion and art in the world’s greatest city.”

TH Image

The Quiksilver Pro New York will be the final destination for Tony’s East Coast summer tour, Quiksilver Presents the Birdhouse MIA to NYC Tour powered by Tech Deck, featuring skateboarding legends Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and Willy Santos along with Birdhouse team amateurs Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Riley Hawk, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, David Loy and Shaun Gregoire. Each tour stop will continue the tradition of bringing fans the opportunity to see Tony and his crew at legendary skateparks all over the U.S.  Demos will showcase skatepark street skating and spectacular halfpipe events in Virginia Beach and New York City.

Birdhouse MIA to NYC 2011 Tour Promo

Birdhouse MIA to NYC 2011 Tour Promo Video 

In addition to Quiksilver and Tech Deck, the Birdhouse MIA To NYC tour sponsors include Staples, YoYo Factory and the truth® youth smoking prevention campaign. Tech Deck’s National Fingerboarding Championships will be held on tour September 3rd at the Quiksilver Pro New York in Long Beach, NY.

2011 Tony Hawk Miami to New York Tour Schedule

8/21 Miami, FL · West Wind Skatepark

8/22 Tampa, FL · Skatepark of Tampa

8/23 Jacksonville, FL · Kona Skatepark

8/25 Savannah, GA · Buckwalter Skatepark

8/27 Fayetteville, NC · Double Decker Skatepark

8/28 Virginia Beach, VA · Virginia Beach (East Coast Surfing Championships)

8/31 Washington, DC. · Frederick Skatepark

9/2 New York City, NY · Hudson River Park’s Pier 54

9/3 Long Beach, NY · Quiksilver Pro New York

For demo times and details go to or For Twitter updates go to

About Quiksilver

Quiksilver is committed to providing tools for uncovering, expressing and expanding your personal style.  Our aim is to foster the sense of individual expression and excitement – the stoke that is the essence of boardriding*.  We’re also here to spread the word because the only thing better than finding stoke is sharing it.

*Boardriding is about timing and style.  It’s youthful, active, casual, and free flowing.  There is no wrong way to ride a board.  The goal is simply to learn, progress, improve, and give it your own interpretation.

About Birdhouse Skateboards

Birdhouse Skateboards was founded in 1992. Tony Hawk became sole owner of the company in 2009 and refocused Birdhouse’s image and branding to reflect its incredible team of riders. Birdhouse has been prominently featured in the Tony Hawk video game franchise since 1999 and has become an international iconic brand. The company distributes and licenses skateboards and skateboard accessories worldwide, with products designed to cover all ability levels. For more about Birdhouse Skateboards, go to

Catlin Rawling



Shana Frahm

Frahm & Brown



The PacSun Clash @ Clairemont 2 raises over $13k for cancer and skatepark…

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X Games Skateboarders Fly High at Miramar

X Game Skateboarders Fly High at Miramar – Tony Hawk / Andy Macdonald

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Anaheim B3 – Greener Pastures

Rune Glifberg

Now that I have been to a few of these ESPN events over the last few years I can say I know what to expect. It’s there formula to bring you skateboarding on television by the best pros out there. They do this (competition format) and it works out well for them to give what the general public wants to get interested in the sports involved. Show some footage of the best (Usually only the top 3 finishers) and get all excited about them for the on-air broadcast.

But what I’m seeing and the fans in attendance are seeing is so much more than what you get to see on the tube that it comes down to 2 different versions of what’s going on: The Real Version and the T.V. version. Here are a couple examples,

In the Real Version (being there) you get to see a pretty chaotic snake session in progress. You may have Chris Senn wanting to hit the same ledge Pat Channita does. Both skate at different speeds and are coming at the ledge from 2 different angles. Sometimes both will pull away if they see each other resulting in no attempts at dialing their tricks. Sometimes maybe Chris Senn will be moving mach 10 and only to see Channita double heel flipping to 5-0 on the ledge. He can pull out in time again losing a shot at the ledge. Maybe Channita will see Senn barreling down on him and decide to pull back and make room for Chris to fly by. Only when he pulls out Chet Thomas is in mid flight and going to land right where Channita suddenly changed direction to. Slam! (This didn’t really happen but it’s a similar version to reality each event). On T.V. you don’t get to see what happens in between runs. You’ll see Chris Senn (who got 1st place) ripping unobstructed throughout the course like it was easily orchestrated to be able to practice his lines.

In the Real Version you might see some new guy bust out a 900 on the vert ramp and it’ll blow you and everyone there away.

On T.V. you’ll never even see the 900 because he placed 25th and the cameras weren’t rolling on the practice session.

Because of this we seldom bring you the ESPN version of the events and bring you the down home version. In the photo gallery and video clip we’ve got scenes from the practice sessions and some from the finals. We weren’t there to bring you up to the minute play by play. We went to watch the top skateboarders perform and bring back some photos and video of guys you may or may not get to see much of. ENJOY!

Andy Macdonald - Indy Air

Andy Macdonald – Indy Air

Bucky Lasek - Frontside Invert

Bucky Lasek – Frontside Invert

jesse fritch  -kickflip indy

jesse fritch  -kickflip indy

Christiano Matteus

Christiano Matteus

Niel Hendrix

Neal hendrix

Tony Hawk - Invert

Tony Hawk – Tuck Knee Invert

Vans Hard Rock Cafe – Triple Crown of Skateboarding 1999

Welcome to the Vans Hard Rock Cafe – Triple Crown of Skateboarding here at Huntington Beach California.

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Saturday was a good skateday. All kinds of stuff giong on. Jeff covered the Pedlow contest and I ventured down south for the Clash at Clairemont event. The old (last years) X Games ramp found a home at the Mission Valley YMCA. The vert demo consisted of most the big names. Bucky, Bob, Lincoln, and of course Tony to name a few. You know if Tony shows up the crowds will follow. He and the other skaters went right to work on the beast ramp.

Tony Hawk stalefish

I’ve be lucky enough to cover The X Games and stand on the deck of these huge ramps many times. But it always blows me away when a guy throws a ten foot plus air in front of me.

Lincoln sky master.

The demo moved into the pool and the session raged.

Chris Miller classic FSA.

Bob was on fire.

Mike Rogers got into the mix. Grind For Life was one of the event sponsors. Always cool to catch Mike skating.

Lots of booths , food and give aways. Big Bonus…. Agent Orange played pool side. It was sick!

Good times all around. Big thanks goes out to Laszlo Kelemen and to everyone else who made this event happen.

Check out the gallery for more photos here: gories.php?cat_id=230

Slam City Jam 1999 – Vancouver BC

The Finals. Only the Strong survived to ride again until today.

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