Shredfest 2 Photo Coverage

Shredfest 2@ the Pink Motel

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Kona Skatepark 45 year Anniversary Party

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Gold Cup Skateboard Contest Series 1980 Results

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Shredfest 2 info

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Pulley & Urethane Show – Simi Valley Dec. 3rd

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Shred Fest at the Pink Motel 2021

Pink Motel Shred Fest 2021

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El Gato Classic

El Gato Classic Intro

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Vans Pool Party 2014 coverage

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Bondi Bowl-a-rama Results 2014

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“Skate Legends” – Michael Brooke

Skate Legends by Michael Brook

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2013 Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

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Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

Future Primitive DVD Special Edition

Special Edition DVD sheds light on Primitive. Read more

Exposure – The Women Of Skateboarding Are Exposed In 2012

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Cab Red Hot Rod Deck Sweepstakes

I just got word from Powell Peralta that they are running a sweepstakes to win a nice Caballero deck, on see if you can win it! …

We’re running another sweepstakes off of the Powell-Peralta site. It’s for the Cab Red Hot Rod deck. We’re asking people to answer our two questions about CAB and send their answers in to us through email. The last day for the sweepstakes is October 22nd and we will announce the winner on October 23rd. We’re gonna go through the emails and find the people who send in the correct answers and randomly choose one of them to receive the deck. Here’s the link for more details-

Vans Celebrates 20 Years of Steve Caballero

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The Badlands Anniversary Bash

Upland Skatepark Fullpipe

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Pedro Barros and Steve Caballero take the Protec honors


Pedro Barros

Pedro – Mile High Stalefish

Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero – Kickflip Indy

Vans Skatepark, Orange, CA (May 12, 2012) – Seventeen-year-old Brazilian Pedro Barros defended his first Pro-tec Pool Party Pro crown to win $28,000 at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California Saturday night as he again fought off Rune Glifberg in second place and Bucky Lasek who returned to the Pro-tec podium after missing last year with a broken wrist.

The Masters division took on the look of a Bones Brigade reunion as Steve Caballero returned from recent injury to claim first place and $14,000 ahead of fellow Brigade alums Tony Hawk, the runner-up, Lance Mountain in third and Mike McGill in fourth. It was the first time that those four had competed in the same contest since the early ’90s and Stacy Peralta and George Powell were on hand for the occasion. Cab, who six weeks ago broke his collar bone in a motorbike mishap, was not expecting to compete until being cleared to begin rehab just a week ago. He also won in 2010 and is the only Masters competitor to unseat 6-time winner Chris Miller, who placed 9th this year. The night was capped off with Hawk receiving a huge cake in honor of his 44th birthday today.

Name (Hometown) Purse
1. Steve Caballero (San Jose, CA) $14,000
2. Tony Hawk (San Diego, CA) $7,000
3. Lance Mountain (Arcadia, CA) $4,000

Name (Hometown) Purse
1. Pedro Barros (Florianopolis, BRA) $28,000
2. Rune Glifberg (Copenhagen, DEN) $14,000
3. Bucky Lasek (Baltimore, MD) $7,000


Those who missed the action live can find complete event coverage including in-depth blogging, photos and videos at

The Pro-tec Pool Party was made possible by the support of Vans and hydrated by vitaminwater.

Pro-tec Pool Party News 2012

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Pedro Barros and Steve Caballero win Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2012

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, Santa Barbara CA. Premiere

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