Christian Hosoi SOLO art Show

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Shred Fest at the Pink Motel 2021

Pink Motel Shred Fest 2021

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Christian Hosoi | The Nine Club With Chris Roberts – Episode 77

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Skate For a Cause 2017 Coverage

Skate For a Cause 2017

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Pool Coping Collectibles for Charity

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Spring Breakout – Chino 2015

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Vans Pool Party 2013

Vans Pool Party was flyin high - Cory Juneau

The Vans Pool Party of 2013 was another installment of the most electrifying skateboarding ever witnessed. The intensity and mayhem may not have been believable in the days of yor, but in the modern world where it can be broadcast to your living room via the world wide web, many thousands around the globe would agree with the skaters, media, and frothing fans in attendance that this event is better then all the rest. The Prelims were pretty hectic. Lots of take downs, broken and bruised masters crawling out of the bowl. Blood cleanup in the square was required. There was no mercy for the Masters as all riders had to make it through the Prelims to get to the finals. This may not be the case next year, but we’ll discuss that some other time. The electric vibe for the masters is quite fun. Peter Hewitt and Jeff Grosso lit up the crowd! The top 10 gnarly and consistent Masters made it to another round of torturous fun.

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Pacifica Skatepark Info


The DVD itself if nicely packaged with a small accompanying photo book of photos and skate art from Bart. Get a copy, it will motivate you to get off your ass and start shredding! Read more

The Badlands Anniversary Bash

Upland Skatepark Fullpipe

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Skaters Take Action for Rio Sul Bowl – Brasil

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Dave Hacketts 50th Birthday Party


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Final Results
1. Raven Tershay – $10,000
2. Curren Caples – $6,000
3. Kevin Kowalski -$5,000
4. Tony Trujillo – $4,500
5. Rune Glifberg – $4,000
6. Chad Bartie – $3,500
7. Ben Raybourn – $3,000
8. Dennis Busenitz – $2,500
9. Collin Provost – $2,000
10. Grant Taylor – $1,000
11. Tom Remillard – $900
12. Andrew Langi – $800
13. Pedro Barros – $700
14. Christian Hosoi – $600
15. Jake Duncombe – $500

Best Trick
1. Aaron Hamoki – $1,200 – Blunt kickflip to fakie on top of the taco
2. Ben Raybourne – $1,100 – Boardslide transfer from cradle
3. Tom Remillard – $1,900 – Frontside 5-0 to fakie around the cradle

Honorable Mention/Extra tricks for $100 a piece
Andrew Langi
Tom Remillard
Nolan Johnson
Ben Raybourn

Malmo 08 One spicy Swedish meatball…

Our globetrotting cohort Filmer Boi delivers the details on the Swedish scene… Read more

Independent Ruled ASR!!!

Duane Peters Salba

…Independent Trucks have been at the forefront of our culture for over 25 years-because they invented it. Remember that.

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Eric Dressen Interview Intro

Hanging out with Bennet driving to go skate and getting all jazzed up. That gets me stoked.

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“It’s about f’in time! I have to give it up to Pro-Tec and Vans and all of you lively people out there. Let’s go get drunk,” – Bucky Lasek

1) Bucky Lasek
2) Omar Hassan
3) Rune Glifberg
4) Pedro Barros
5) Bob Burnquist
6) Sergie Ventura
7) Josh Borden
8) Josh Rodriguez
9) Michael Brookman
10) Nolan Monroe
(oops, sorry, I posted Evandro Menezes (16th) in 10th place originally, it has been corrected)

1) Chris Miller
2) Christian Hosoi
3) Nicky Guerrero
4) Steve Caballero
5) Steve Alba
6) Tony Mag
7) Pat Ngoho
8) Eric Nash
9) Lester Kasai
10) Josh Nelson

1) Julie Kindstrand
2) Lyn-z Adams Hawkins
3) Megan Brown
4) Prescilla Lee
5) Allysha Bergado
6) Alex Harper
7) Elise Dabby
8) Lea Taylor
9) Elizabeth Amanto
10) Erin Wolfkeil
11) Jennifer Stranko

Block$ for Ca$h:
Slide n’roll – Steve Caballero

Independent Trucks presents Bellmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam

Independent Trucks presents Bellmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam:
Featuring Steve Alba, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Lance Mountain, Al Partanen, Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Micke Alba, Eric Nash, Cara Beth Burnside, Josh Borden, Pat Ngoho, Crazy Kyle, and Jay Haizlip

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