Lanark Park has Broken Ground finally

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Gilbert Lindsay Skate Plaza Opens Saturday

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Nyjah Huston wins SLS Nike SB in Los Angeles

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Concrete Disciples Skatepark Apps

Florida and Southern California, we got an app for that.

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Los Angeles CA – Skateparks for the future

Here are some answers I received from 10 quick questions I sent over to Craig Raines who is lead on the Planning, Construction and Maintenance Division, Department of Recreation and Parks, Los Angeles CA. I am doing several of these so you readers can point your cities representatives who have fallen behind the times to get up to speed on building multiple skateparks across urban cities. Starting with Los Angeles CA., who has 16 skateparks now in operation and they are a variety of Prefab (being replaced!), small Skate Spots, Street Plaza’s, and full blown skateparks. Read more