Last Session? Howard Johnson Pool?

Last Session? HJ?
…and in true pool spirit he gave us good enough directions to find the pool but we definitely had to look. Read more

Bobcat Canada Report 12/97

Bobcat does a little schooling about Canada and give the dirt on some new parks up above the border.12/8/97 Read more

How to build a skateboard with little skill, I mean very little.

So I got a nutty idea one day while cruising the CD bulletin boards. Somebody brought up the topic of cutting out their own shape from an uncut blank. My wheels began to spin… Read more

Snow Sports Expo/Demo – Oct. 1997 Seattle WA

Some brief words about the Snow Sports Expo/Demo, Oct. 1997. Read more


We always say “NEVER AGAIN!” Until next year anyway. This is pointless bullshit unless of course we manage to barge, poach, and escape with our lives. So for the last fucking time… The X Games. And if you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, the answer is NO. Read more

Concrete Disciples DVD Release Party

Photos: Bam Bam & J. Greenwood

The Thunderbird Saloon in North Hollywood played host to our DVD release party. The bad Kharma finally ended. This party just didn’t want to happen. Due to persistence by Jerome Bruner from Burning Tree Records it all fell together at the last minute and the end result was a hangover to remember for many in attendance. I’ll spare you all the details but just know it aint easy planning a party like this!

DJ Aztec Vampyre jumped on the tunes around 9 and was soon spinning some great rare punk rock for us all while we put away some joy juice. The Walrus opened up his mouth and tab and got the party started. A little there after I had a chat with DPI and I mentioned they didn’t look Drunkin yet. “We got to go to the car”! 20 minutes later they were back and buzzed and took the stage. These guys are a classic punk rock, play hard, drink hard, and have fun. In the meantime more heads rolled in and it was definitely on.

Once DPI finished their set Cesar the video man jumped on the screen set up and I lended a hand. He hooked us up with a really nice rear projection big screen for the Movie! We got started with the trailer for Socal Skateparks movie and then the Sacrifice Skateboards video trailer. Both are due out later this summer asnd should be really good. We played the CD DVD and it really fired up the crowd to want to go hit the nearest Pool (being the Pink Motel), but it was already close to 11 pm. That’s what the video is supposed to do! Make you wanna skate!

Drunkin Punkin Idiots

Once the DVD ended we tore into taking down the screen. Cesar was falling over taking it down. Oh yea! Somehow between the two or three of us we folded it all up and cleared the way for the Dimwits who were busy drinkin in preparation. It was on! They were drunk, we were drunk they played their set which included a couple songs from the CD DVD. Porn was playing on the tv screen behind the bar with closed captioning [entended groan] It was sick! Thanks to everyone for coming out on a school night!!!! YOU RULE! ~ Good times ~

The Dimwits

Pink (Punk) Motel Party

Pink (Punk) Motel Party – Hosted by Burning Tree records. Read more

M.A.S.S. Olney contest

The pool at Olney is a triple beasted whore from the right side of town…. Read more

Skate Stars Invade O.C.

In the early 90’s three pools were built in backyards specifically for skating, Basic, Chicken’s and Belmar’s. If you are lucky enough to know them you can skate ’em. Read more

Long Overdue – Barfly’s two cents…

Long Overdue – Barfly’s two cents…
…general comments regarding the “state” of skateboarding and the quality of “parks” makes me assume that the people in question were born with silver spoons up their asses. Read more

Greg Holt Interview

Greg Holt Intro

Read more

Davoud Say’s Concussion is Done; Again!

Concussion became one of the best skate mags of all time. But like all good things, it too must die. Read more

Diamond BarBQ

Diamond Bar BBQ at the Skatepark

Diamond BarBQ
Grab your Hibatchi, Kingsford, and your girl cuz it’s fucking Labor Day weekend Read more


Reason number 685,386 why to skateboard: The Bowl-A-Rama… Read more


The legendary East Coast Toke Team pulls a reunion of masters together for some heavy bowlriding… Read more

Dave Ruels Birthday Bash @ Pink Motel

People started to get buzzed, and continued to push the level even further. Everyone was stoked! People were shaking hands, talking shit, and generally having a great time. No one wanted the night to end. Read more


Eric Green Interview


Grant Brittain/ Josh Higgins -‘Grind For Life’ benefit show

‘Subtext’ gallery-shining a beacon for all to see.

Grant Brittain wall

Josh Higgins wall

Neil Blender

Adrian Demain- serving up some cool Hawaiian tunes.

‘Grind For Life’ benefit posters

Mike Rogers of ‘Grind For Life’ with Grant Brittain

Dave Swift- showing us that he’s only had one ice cream treat…..

Two greats- Duane Peters & Tony Alva

The ‘Subtext’ gallery in San Diego gathered together a great duo of artists for the ‘Grind For Life’ benefit on Friday evening. Ray Zimmerman, Christian Cooper & I, bravely jousted for position on the I-5 as we tried to hurdle our way into downtown San Diego. Space was at a premium & it took us awhile to get the parking situated. We walked a few blocks down to ‘Subtext’ & were greeted by a huge neon sign set up outside….calling out to people passing by. “Its all here!” “Skateboarding. Art.” The place was pretty full & as I walked in, I quickly found myself mesmerized by the Grant Brittain images on the left wall. They were all represented here…in this time & in this place. The’Bones Brigade’, ‘Neil Blender’, ‘Mark Gonzales’…among others. The recessed lighting made each image stand out; history frozen in time. I was stoked– as only a ‘skateboard history dork–‘can be! I walked slowly by, lost in my thoughts & memories. Ray & Christian were later located as they perused the Josh Higgins artwork. Josh & Grant are both ‘Masters’ at their specific art & we were completely in awe of the displays. Upstairs, Mike Rogers & Paul Wisniewski, stood post at the ‘Grind For Life’ benefit table. Available were signed ‘Grant Brittain’ posters that were for sale. All proceeds were to benefit ‘Grind For LIfe’ & help people with Cancer & debilitating illnesses. I bought a ‘Todd Swank’ image & was pleased as punch. On the patio, catered tacos & other goodies were being served, as Adrian Demain kept the crowd happy & grooving to his cool Hawaiian sounds. Anthony Acosta, Dave Swift, Aaron Astorga & a host of heavies, all gathered & discussed the current state of art, skating, ‘Grind For Life’ & the ASR trade show. An ice cream truck was rolled in & everyone got their ‘sweet-tooth’ on! It was a great night for a great cause. Thanks to Ray Zimmerman for the images & Mike Rogers for making it all happen. Skate & support your friends. -Ozzie

Sound and Fury 1997

We found a lot of skater kids milling around outside a very large airplane hanger where there was plenty of activity and also a killer street course complete with a Honda Jump/obstacle. Read more

Pala – Ultimate Sessions

Pala - Eatin Crow - Ultimate Sessions

Eatin Crow
Every once in a while the raddest things happen out of nowhere. The day my bro Rene dragged me about 120 miles to skate this bowl turned out to be one of them. Read more