Skate For A Cause 2012

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ROCK THE CRADLE – Johnny Romano

Johnny Romano Rock the cradle 2009

Houston gets rocked!

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Malmo 08 One spicy Swedish meatball…

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The PacSun Clash @ Clairemont 2 raises over $13k for cancer and skatepark…

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Sergie Ventura Intro

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SOUL BOWL 2007 Coverage

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Never send a Haole to do a Moke’s job… That’s why we enlisted David David from Hawaii to provide us with the blow by blow coverage…

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“It’s about f’in time! I have to give it up to Pro-Tec and Vans and all of you lively people out there. Let’s go get drunk,” – Bucky Lasek

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Thunderous plundering down under and a bit of blunder as well. A tale of the American carpet bombing campaign that invaded Oz and NZ, a heavy art attack, and the fallout that still scorches the ground well below the equatorial line…

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Slam City Jam 1998

Chad muska was out to terrorize B.C. at every stop. He did!!!

Sergie Ventura was completely nuts!!! Flying higher then I’ve ever seen him fly before. Then he was pulling some crazy varials waaaaaay above everyone’s heads. A couple Slams in practice may have contributed to not placing so high.

Wade Speyer was ripping hard. Then he moved up to the vert ramp and didn’t have time to put on any pads!

We spent Thursday & Friday hanging with Bob ” slam on my head cuz I’m drunk ” K.. Chilling out at
the arena on Fri. until some more of the posse showed up. Bob K. stayed, but the Seattle crew was going to have no part of sticking around the arena all day. So the Seattle crew headed out to Burnaby, only to be greeted by 90 degree heat with no shade in sight. 24 beers went down in about 40 minutes between the 5 of us. ( Rosco, Bobcat, Mike, Barfly, & myself.) A little after we’re completely warn out & dehydrated, the local 13 year old school girls come on by to say hi!

this picture kind of said it all!

Morris worked with Tim Payne for almost 48 hours straight to help get this vert ramp done.
Well I took a couple of alcohol induced rides myself and the ramp was primo! Why didn’t I bring my board???

Darren Navarette is hesh. We like him! can't tell if this is a 180 indy to fakie , or the middle of a 360 indy!

Darren Navarette is hesh. We like him! can’t tell if this is a 180 indy to fakie , or the middle of a 360 indy!

Salman Agah is on a mission this year. Here he was working on nailing down his nose manuels across the smooth deck ( but very gnarly roll out, and back in )

Mark Gonzales ruled the course. Started with these ( much more difficult than they could possibly look) ollie 50 – 50’s from the bump in the middle of the platform.

Mathias Ringstrom gave us the ultimate facial expression of disgust as we informed him that yes the Subscribe page in Concrete Disciples was real. He returned the favor by making some of the sickest tricks
of the weekend while getting ready for the contest.

Chuck has been back! He’s ripping hard, just had too much company crowding him trying to get off the extension.


It was another completely EPIC battle in the combi at Vans yesterday. Before we put up our complete coverage, here are the results.

Media division:

1: Garret
2: Brian Fick-Every magazine under the sun?
3 Scott Taylor -Skateboarder Magazine
4 Jim Murphy-Juice Magazine
5 Buddy Carr-ConcreteWave
6 Dave Swift-TheSkateboardMag
7 Mike
8 John Fudala-Fork Burns

Womens’ division:
1.Carabeth Burnside
2. Lyn-Z Adams hawkins
3. Mimi Knoop
4. Julie Kindstrand
5. Jodi McDonald
6. Apryl Woodcock
7. Nicole Zuck
8. Holly Lyons
9. Mandy Esch
10. Cressey Rice
11. Kim Petersen

Masters’ Division:
1.Chris Miller
2. Lance Mountain
3. Steve Caballero
4. Duane Peters
5. Steve Alba
6. Lester Kasai
7. Ben Schroeder
8. Buck Smith
9. Micke Alba
10. Glen Charnoski
11. Mike Barnes
12. Mike McGill
13.(tie) Pat Ngoho
13.(tie) Steve Steadham
15. Mark Partain
16. Dave Reul
17. Tony Magnusson
18. Jesse Martinez
19. Lonny Hiramoto
20.(tie) Dave Duncan
20.(tie) Jon Harsma
22. Don Fisher
23. Pat Black
24. Jon-Jon Bryan

Pro Division:
1. Rune Glifberg
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Omar Hassan
4. Bob Burnquist
5. Benji Galloway
6. Andy Macdonald
7. Bruno Passos
8. Joshua Borden
9. Lincoln Ueda
10. Sergie Ventura
11. Nolan Johnson
12. Remy Stratton
13. Brian Patch
14. Darren Navarette
15. Darin Jenkins
16. Dave Maxwelll
17. Jimmy The Greek
18. Chris Cudlipp
19.(tie)Matt Moffett
19.(tie) Daniel Cardone
21. Tim Johnson
22.(tie) Josh Sandoval
22.(tie) Morgan Burgess
24. Tyler Mumma


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Warped Tour Amateur Qualifier – Bellevue WA.

Ok all you Northwest skaters, yes I did miss the demo and competition that went down up here in Seattle. I was on a nice little 2 week roadtrip that was planned before the dates for the Tour were announced. So I ended up getting passes in to the one in Irvine which was in the Hub of the skateboarding world and I knew the demo would be real good and the crowd would be immense. And it was on both accounts.

We pull into the lot to park and right off the bat it was $10 to park!!!! What the Fuck??? you can’t be serious? they were and they were packing them in.

The crowd was huge as you may have seen in last months photo of the month. It was supposedly over 20,000 but it felt like even more. After paying the 10 Bucks and seeing the crowd I knew we were in for a mob scene. Especially with all the SoCal. Alterna jocks that were out in abundance.

Carabeth Burnside

Carabeth Burnside

Carabeth Burnside and Jen O’Brien were representing the women quite well. Carabeth is keeping the guys in check by making solid runs and almost getting kickflip grabs. I’m sure you’ll see them from her soon. Then everyone got a good chuckle out of her and Sergie V. making their sponsors happy! He He…

The crowd was enormous! In between bands they would sort of migrate around the vert ramp between two of the stages, but that was useless since it was wall to wall people.

Well about 3/4 of the way through the Demo the Reverend Horton Heat came on and it was definitely time to put those press passes to use and get a couple shots of one of the best bands in the world. The stage was reminding me of jungle scenes where everyone is piled so high on top of each other that they all start bopping the same beat. Finally got let into a sweat little spot and snapped a couple shots then went back out to the front of the stage to enjoy the rest of the show by the REV.

Mike Frazier was shredding everything up!

Mike Frazier was shredding everything up!

Chris Livingston was back with a fury.

Chris Livingston was back with a fury.

Chris Livingston was back with a fury. Flying high and pulling out tons of tricks. Other rippers included Sergie Ventura, Lincoln Ueda, Neil Hendrix, Omar Hassan & Caballero. There were others but I can’t remember them all.

The demo was winding down when Rancid came on to a stage adjacent to the Vert ramp. So I get a quote of the year as I’m standing next to Steve Caballero and Lance Mountain. “So this is punk?” – Caballero squeeks out in Lances direction.

Lance just chuckled. It was funny at the time.

Well we & my girl weren’t to excited about sticking around for anyone else so we jetted back into the lot of cars and traded our passes for a couple cold beers and 5$

Did I mention it was smokin hot out and they wanted 3$ for a tiny vial of water?

360 Tail Grab up high.

360 Tail Grab up high.

Steve Caballero

The caption says it all. I think this is Seattle Local Morris’ brother on the rollerskates. It is so much better watching this than blading. God! Shoot the Bladers! I’m sick of them!

Well that’s all to report from this event, look for a super dope doubles sequence and shot of the Reverend up in the next couple days.

360 Tail Grab up high.