Kids in Paradise

The wildlife was crawling out of the weeds and bushes surrounding Angelos pool in Malibu on Saturday to find out what all the racket was. A full blown session had boiled over at one of the dopest spots in the world. I was super lucky to be invited and thoroughly intended to maximize the opportunity.Greetings were passed around the bowl as each wave of new riders trickeled in. The whole session was built around Daryle Lee, from ‘Chance to Ride’ organization,  putting together a session for really young kids to get to shred someplace special. Eddie and I were tagging along with her gracious invite as special needs kids.

Angelos bowl has been plastered all over the locals facebook acount for many months now leaving all who love the crete to drool and dream a little bit. It’s a wonderful clover bowl with two deep ends that are about nine and a half feet deep and a 4 and a half foot shallow (my rough estimates). It is built off the original plans for OG Whittier Skate City’s clover bowl. There’s not a lot of vert. The baby is built to grind and the coping is very buttery pool block where you can hear trucks banging along block to block like a freight train passing through town, click – click – click- click – click. Not to mention to tiles theat buzz like a chainsaw with high speed carving madness.  An easy roll in provides easy access in and out and also a couple of hips to try your inner Blenderness out.

Evan Berle

Evan Berle – Madonna with a Golden Retreiver checking his form.


Dylan Sullivan

Dylan Sullivan found some air space


Lucas Sanders

Lucas Sanders putting those great sideways tails scrapes on his board.


Group Shot – Morgan, Odin,Dylan, Lucas,Kai, Julian, Evan, & Evan. 


Eddie Hadvina

OG Eddie drinks regularly from the fountain of youth.

 The session was filled with fun times. The kids had brought a lot of parents to watch and take in the fabulous vibe. My only regret is Angelo was not able to attend this celebration in his back yard. Hopefully next time. Thanks Angelo and Thanks Daryle!

 Lucas the snake handler

Always have a snake handler on hand! They are out to get you!