Urethane Revolution – Book Review

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Review: Made in Venice DVD

The Made in Venice DVD dropped into my mailbox recently and I was excited to give it a spin. The movie has been showcased all over the place and reviews have been really positive.

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Comus Skateboards

For whatever reason, my search for the definition of the word Comus caused my computer to crash.

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Back In Black – Black Label DVD

Back In Black! The Label has recently made some serious team changes, but they have gathered more recruits and are back! The newest video additon from Black Label does not disappoint, and may just be the best one so far. This video has parts from riders: Adam Alfaro, Chet Childress, Kyle Leeper, Pat Rakestraw, Matt Mumford, Peter Watkins, Chaz Pineda, Anthony Schultz, and Chris Troy. This 48 minute video really packs a punch, with strong parts from the entire team. Unlike most videos coming out today this video has a great blend of pools, parks, ditches, ramps, and street. Stand out parts include Aussie Matt Mumford with his endless mini ramp and bowl lines, and “Ol’ crooked arm” Chet Childress who destroys any transition thrown in his path. In my opinion best part by far would have to be Chaz Pineda. With so many “hand rails and stairs only” ams coming up these days it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone actually skate with style! Chaz kills pools, parks, ditches, bowls, street everything. In this video he murders Washington Street like I have never seen anyone do before, along with some insane pool lines. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns pro in the near future. In the bonus section there is even a promo video from 1991. It’s pretty fun to watch and laugh at the small wheels and big pants. There is some really good footage of Lucero and others skating Belmar’s pool in the promo as well. This is great video that I would give a 4 out of 5 rating.

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GoPole – Your Best GoPro Accessories!

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Converse Eyewear

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Arnette Sunglasses

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STC2 – Concrete Dreams

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Introducing – The Mission Belt Co.

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“Skate Legends” – Michael Brooke

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Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

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Dreads Shoes

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Old Star El Roacho Deck

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Underdog Skateboards

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Termite Skateboards – Pest Control

Termite Skateboards
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Fight Skateboards

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Sacrifice Skateboards Stencil Decks

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Eliminator Skateboards: Rabies Decks

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The DVD itself if nicely packaged with a small accompanying photo book of photos and skate art from Bart. Get a copy, it will motivate you to get off your ass and start shredding! Read more