Urethane Revolution – Book Review

Urethane Revolution Book

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Review: Made in Venice DVD

Made in Venice DVD

The Made in Venice DVD dropped into my mailbox recently and I was excited to give it a spin. The movie has been showcased all over the place and reviews have been really positive.

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Back In Black – Black Label DVD

Back in Black - Black Label DVD

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GoPole – Your Best GoPro Accessories!

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Converse Eyewear


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Arnette Sunglasses

Arnette Sunglasses Review

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STC2 – Concrete Dreams

Smell the Crete 2 - Concrete Dreams

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Introducing – The Mission Belt Co.

Mission Belts Intro

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“Skate Legends” – Michael Brooke

Skate Legends by Michael Brook

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Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

Future Primitive DVD Special Edition

Special Edition DVD sheds light on Primitive. Read more

Dreads Shoes

Dreads Shoes

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Way of the West

…We meet up at a mutual location and head out to skate some pools. Before he skipped town he gave me this DVD “Way of the West”. He said his buddy had made it and it had some good footage from the Nor-Cal skate scene. Read more

“Let it Bleed” – 1984 Video

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Well I received some shoes from Osiris Footwear and all I could think about was the rather large almost space boot style shoes for street tech dogs. Well I laced up the Diego Bucherri shoes and they didn’t look like space boots at all. These shoes looked like basic skate shoes and I could actually feel my board while skating in them. The bottom of a shoe is very important, too many companies shoe bottoms suck, and these had a gummy style bottom that gripped great. I have worn these while skating a lot of different crap and they still have great grip even when my grip tape was full of pool dust. The only downfall was the fact that they didn’t cushion my feet while jumping over fences in your neck of the woods. My feet weren’t as sore as you were when you found grinds in the holes in your neighbor hood that you thought were virgins. I’m not trying to bum anyone out just trying to rape the land one hole at a time. Since I got these shoes my wife has also never been upset when I said that I had to dry a virgin off before I took a ride, what a great lady. Buy these shoes and maybe you can grind some fresh holes as well.

Madrid Lonny Hiramoto Pro Model

The Lonny Hiramoto pro model by Madrid is a quintessential model of this explosive collaboration, materializing in the functional form of 8.5 X 32.25 inches of compressed maple for your recreational pleasure. Read more

LDN 755 Skateboards

The name comes from LDN 755 Read more

Lib Tech – Buster Halterman E-Matrix

Lib Tech - Buster Halterman E-Matrix Deck

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SCS/ SoCal Skateboards wheels 59mm/101 duro

Brant torture tests the new SCS wheels. Read more


I’ve been doing this website for about 13 years now and you would think the payola would be rolling in here like Ben Schroeder rolling into a lipslide. I hate to let your image of the glamor of running this beast of a website down but reality is a cruel bitch!

I got this long box from Matador and wasn’t sure what it was. Opened it up and dug through the filler to find 5 Matador Beef Snack Sticks inside. Alright, I eat one from time to time, usually while on a road trip. There was also a couple extra attachments like a $15 iTunes giftcard and a portable USB drive.

To make an uninteresting story short, I ate the beefstick and my wife stole another one. I plugged in the giftcard and it was good (I still haven’t decided what to buy though, although they sent some team riders suggestions and yes they apparently have pro team riders.) . It was spicy and there are 3 sticks left for the other staffers.

“Step into a Slim….”, nah, I just couldn’t go there! That’s it.

Extinction Skateboards

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