The Skateboarding Bros Show

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Urethane Revolution – Book Review

Urethane Revolution Book

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Review: Made in Venice DVD

Made in Venice DVD

The Made in Venice DVD dropped into my mailbox recently and I was excited to give it a spin. The movie has been showcased all over the place and reviews have been really positive.

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Back In Black – Black Label DVD

Back in Black - Black Label DVD

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GoPole – Your Best GoPro Accessories!

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Converse Eyewear


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Arnette Sunglasses

Arnette Sunglasses Review

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STC2 – Concrete Dreams

Smell the Crete 2 - Concrete Dreams

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Introducing – The Mission Belt Co.

Mission Belts Intro

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“Skate Legends” – Michael Brooke

Skate Legends by Michael Brook

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Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

Future Primitive DVD Special Edition

Special Edition DVD sheds light on Primitive. Read more

Dreads Shoes

Dreads Shoes

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Extinction Skateboards

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Eric Dressen Pro Model

Eric Dressen Pro Model
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Rain Skates – Hybrid Deck and Tsunami Wheels

Rain Skates - Hybrid Deck and Tsunami Wheels

Rain Skates
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BackStabber Schwag Bag / Adam Morgan deck

The boys at BackStabber kicked down with some gear, 100% legit, never quit. Read more



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Addiction Skateboards

… I got a lot more tats that I like. I did still have that bad one that I dubbed the “Bon Jovi”, but other than that, I was a happy tatted camper. .. Read more

Deville Wheels

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Well I received something from Warlord Clothing the other day and I was pleasantly surprised at what was in the box. First off this isn’t some Hurlstoneabong slim fit $29 job that you might find at your local shakabra shop. These shirts have killer designs and all are either black or gray shirts no pink. I can’t freaken stand pink shirts, gay ass crap. No offense to real homosexuals but I don’t even think the gay metal heads would wear a pink shirt. All of Warlord Clothing’s shirts look like a death metal album covers. How can you go wrong with shirts look like a death metal album cover? Every one of the shirts I received had a design that I was stoked to wear and on their site you can get them for $11-$12 each, that’s right you can get two for the same price as almost any other shirt out there. They also make band shirts for basically every death, crust, grind, gore metal band out there again at a low price. They support a number of bands including Phobia, Dystopia, Cattle Decapitation, Doom , Disfear, Municipal Waste, Spazz, Rotten Sound, and Cephalic Carnage just to name a few. By supporting some of the best metal bands out there it definitely makes me think that their in it for the long run and not just to cash in on the metal scene. So stop paying $50 for that retro Iron Maiden crap and support the bands and people that are a part of the metal scene. I almost forgot they have a Gummo shirt, if you haven’t ever had the experience of viewing this movie go find it now!