25th Annual Basic Bowl BBQ Bash

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Desert Skate Ranch Jam 2020

Pool skating is, and will always be, the most radical form of skateboarding in my opinion. Every pool is unique and takes on a personality of its own. It demands 100% courage, style and spontaneity. All wrapped up in one. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nic Rivera (photo) killing the @desertskateranch pool was no exception ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Girls Combi Pool Party 2019 – Recap/Results

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2018 Orchid Ranch Mini Ramp comp

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Venice Annual Ladies Jam 2017

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Skate For a Cause 2017 Coverage

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Malibu Lookback – Respect Pool

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Venice Springtime Girls Jam @ Venice

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Destroy the Terrordome 2

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Howie and Charlie’s Pink Motel Party

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Girls Combi Classic – 2016

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Exposure 2015 Coverage

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Van Doren Invitational – Womens Coverage 2015

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Camtest / Tucklove / Pink Motel 2015

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Ratt Pool

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History Made at the 10th Year of Vans Pool Party

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2015 Amateur Combi Pool Classic

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Gracias Por Nada

This is the 1st San Fernando Valley Skate Art showcase I can think of so I was definitely there! I showed up pretty early and it was already hopping just after opening time. I grabbed an 818 Brewery blonde ale  and settled in to take in the creations representing the S.F.V. on the walls of the 11:11 A Creative Collective’s new spot in Reseda CA. Opening night featured music by DJ Ripoff & Lady Petrol and they were groovin us hard. Val Jerks helped to rope me into contributing some pics and art (a first for me) so I was definitely vested and eager to check this out. I was very stoked on it. Here’s some flavor to suck on:


A crowded Art Gallery Opening in Reseda! good times and great art await!


Welcome to the Show, you Val Kook…. er,  ..a.. Jerk!!

From here down the page for a little while is a great sampling of many of the artworks to view. Pictures really never does artwork justice, but it gives you a good idea of what you’ll find. I strongly recommend going and seeing it yourself, and buy a piece if you like it. Make an artist happy, support a grass roots gallery, and help it perpetuate for more in the future.


Painting on Canvas




Prints, griptape art, and other fun stuff. grab a t-shirt too!


my Homeboy Richard Sanchez always delivers killer art.


Yea, Animal Chin was in the Valley on Saturday night


Skullz always work for us…


I love this board, crack your beer open with your art!


Nudes on skateboards are great!


I think these bad ass decks are to benfit the Quechan Memorial Skate Park (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quechan-Memorial-Skate-Park/690059594363313), a very worthy cause!


It got crowded in a hurry


The City councilman, Bob Blumenfield, showed up and was stoked on the locals promoting ART. He gave out a couple of nice civic awards to the main backers of the event after a few words. From Right to Left – Erin Stone, Chris Funk, Bob Blumenfield, Addy Gonzales, Kevin Taylor, Shannon Currie Holmes


More canvas and Deck art


More things


Parting Shot, Steve Wright grabbing a couple of my prints of the Budweiser pipes. Thanks for all the support Steve!!

The Showing will be running for about 30 days I think.

The address is :18343 Sherman Way, Reseda CA

The Gallery Link is: http://www.1111acc.org/ and FB page is here: https://www.facebook.com/1111ACC

 The original Flyer and info posted is below here….


For more details visit these links:


El Gato Classic

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