X Game Skateboarders Fly High at Miramar

X Game Skateboarders Fly High at Miramar – Tony Hawk / Andy Macdonald Read more

Stefan Hauser – Placed to Ride

Stefan Hauser – Placed to Ride’ designer builder is making it happen around the world. Read more

Pipes of the L.B.C.

Read more

BOB Kronics – HEMP BC

Who the hell gave Vancouver
BC the nickname Little Amsterdam?

Yes, it

Outsider Profile: Failed Skateboards

Outsider Profile: Failed Skateboard from Vermont USA Read more

Party at the Wagon Wheel!

All in All this party was well worth the ten bucks to get in, plus you got free beer and a t-shirt. Thanks Kirk for a killer party. Big props to all who showed up to skate and get drunk. Like I always say “Viva Las Vegas Baby!” Read more

Last Session? Howard Johnson Pool?

Last Session? HJ?
…and in true pool spirit he gave us good enough directions to find the pool but we definitely had to look. Read more

Bobcat Canada Report 12/97

Bobcat does a little schooling about Canada and give the dirt on some new parks up above the border.12/8/97 Read more

Exposing UnderExposed

Read more

OG Jam Series Results, Stop#1 2013

Read more

Florida Bowl Riders Cup 2013

Read more

Hurley ABC: The Story Behind the Bowl

On February 9, 2013, Newcastle’s community members gathered at Empire Park to watch their local heroes skate with international pros in Hurley’s Australian Bowl Riding Championships.

Read more

Girls Combi Pool Classic ’13

Vans Combi 2013

Yesterday I bore witness to one of the best girls skateboarding contests I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them.

Read more

I.E. Skate Series Stop #3 Upland Skatepark 2012

Stop #3 of the I.E. Skate Series was held on Saturday December 15th, 2012 at the Upland Skatepark… Read more

New Kids on the Block Skateboard Contest 2012

Adam SelloJustin Thomas Prochaska summer wins with the New Kids on the Block Skateboard Contest 2012! Read more

Channel Street Skatepark Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Channel Street 10 year Anniversary

Read more

Exposure – The Women Of Skateboarding Are Exposed In 2012

Brewing for a long time in the underground the womens skateboarding scene has been searching for a portal into getting more coverage. Read more

Old Guy Jam Series #5 Results and Overall Final Standings

The Old Guy Jame Series No. 5 saw Steve Badillo break loose of the 30-year-old bracket and maintain his lead in the overall series rankings. Melissa Spillman remains in the top slot in the women’s division. Read more

I.E. Skate Series Stop 1 Recap

The first ever I.E. Skatepark Series kicked off this past Saturday September 29th, 2012. Read more

OG Jam Series #4, Results from Vans Skatepark

First off, I gotta say I had a great time! By the looks of it everybody else did too so I am stoked! Heidi and the rest of us are all very grateful for everyone’s volunteer help and support, the sponsors for their prize donations and support, the venues like Vans, and all the skaters that have been coming out to participate in all the events. It’s all interdependent on each other and its all been really good times and memories we will all share.

Read more

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