The Badlands Anniversary Bash


Saturday May 19 was a special occasion to mark the anniversary of the Upland Pipeline Skatepark that opened in 1977 and has been something the city of Upland CA. has celebrated ever since. The city and mayor of Upland gave Stan Hoffman a certificate of recognition for their (the Hoffman family) support of recreational activism in Upland (i.e. the skatepark). It was a moving, unstructured ceremony.So many in attendance could share a feeling of a root element of their skateboarding life because of the Pipeline. No one who ever skated the original Upland Pipeline can ever seem forget it. Steve Alba capped it off with a heartfelt tribute to Stan Hoffman and the Pipeline and gave him a smaller replica fullpipe matching the one at the Skatepark entrance.


Dave Duncan

Dave Duncan – still a skateboarding fan!


 Stan Hoffman

The Mayor of Upland gives Stan his certificate and a handshake. His name is “Hoffman”!


Salba Award

The session /  demo officially came alive at about 12:30 in the afternoon. Dave Duncan, was on hand to man the microphone and give color commentary. As the session heated up more and more legendary pro’s who had graced the Pipeline in its heyday came forward to join in the fray. They also give the crowd some funny stories they all had at the original skatepark. It was a great surprise to most that the legendary Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Eric Nash, Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi and many others joined in the Badlands marquee skaters of Steve Alba and Micke Alba. A fiery demo ensued and runs were at a premium to come by. The local rippers like Mike Perez, Eric Salazar, Tristan Rennie, Kevin Burke and many more threw down some heavy doses of reality on the concrete fullpipe and bowl. The crowd roared its approval to everyone who came flashing out of the pipe and into the deep pit. The biggest highlight could arguably be the doubles by Tony Hawk who flew over Mike McGill speed grinding to facewall.




Christian Hosoi

Christian Hosoi – laying it down.

Mike Perez

Mike Perez – ripped!

Eric Salazar

Eric Salazar – turn this picture 90 degrees counter clockwise.

Out in the crowd people who opted not to join in the session were swapping the old war stories of Upland and more. The Hoffman’s were doing brisk business on Pipeline reprint t-shirts. Someone hooked the crowd up with some free Gatorade (thank you very much!).  After the almost 2 hours of skate session, it was over the the Utility Board Supply for some autographs from the legends. The day raged on with the Powell Movie showing and Badlanders Art show, but I was out of the game by then and on my way through a very large burrito then headed back to HQ. We enjoyed recapping the day over Mexican grub in a Mexican cantina off Foothill Blvd. just a couple miles from the original Upland Pipeline.


Tony Hawk and Mike McGill

Tony Hawk and Mike McGill, over under, showtime.

Steve Caballero

Steve Caballero – taking a Protec victory lap.


Tank Top Todd – for lack of knowing his name…(this will change when someone points out his real name)

Thanks again must go out to the following for their support of Skateboarding and this Event: The Hoffman Family, the City of Upland, Utility Board Supply, Dave Duncan, & Steve Alba. What a Fucking awesome session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!