Socal Rain – Pedlow Flooded again

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OG Jam Series #2, Pedlow Skatepark – 2013

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Old Guy Bowl Jam Series, Stop #1, Pedlow Skatepark

There are many stories to tell, and the old guys always have the most. Todays tale is about attrition. Skateboarding is a wonderful yet punishing sport. It is part of the majesty of it. Your going to have to pick yourself up off the ground almost immediately as soon as you ever step onto a rolling piece of wood. Our senses just aren’t ready the first time. This first step is the point where most people either hang it up or decide "I aint going to let anything in life stop me ". So after the first day the majority of potential skateboarders get left in the dust and move on to things in life that are easier. That is attrition!


Mike Buckley – usually the ‘Old Guy’ ripping Pedlow, today he won the Young Guns division 30-39 year olds.

For those of us that remain riding, we pile up the pain, scars, broken bones, slams, etc. which become markers to our personal stories which easily relate to other skaters. Those that don’t go through it just don’t know.  Anyhow, to my knowledge this is the first time there has been a contest with an over 50 division. Few are left. Most skaters in their 50’s are left with fond memories and aching bodies from a life long battle against gravity. Fewer still are able to skateboard on any given day like a contest day. Today we saw a select few who were willing and able to rip ride the conrete pit in Van Nuys Ca. These dudes, one and all, inspire us younger (yet old), skate rats more then they know.


 Rich Sanchez, winner of the 40-49 year olds, has been sweating to the oldies longer then Richard Simmons.


Eddie Hadvina – Winner of the grand Masters, 50 +, Hi on life and high on a tuck knee.

The hardest trick when riding at this stage in life is getting people your age motivated to skate with. Attrition again takes it’s toll when skaters get old enough to be raising new skaters and jobs and stress have been known to make a person tired. I salute the few soldiers who remain! Those that have fought through life to still be able to find themselves addicted to grinding defenseless pool blocks on their wooden toys get my utmost respect. To all those who have gone down in flames along the way we all wish you were here to join us. Heal up and come on back to the game when you can.


Quite a crew of participants – I can’t even count the years of experience between them all. Combined, were’ talking several hundred years worth…


1) Eddie Hadvina
2) Chuck Hultz
3) Robert Weddle
4) Carlos Novo
5) Steve Wright

1) Rich Sanchez
2) Ron Chatman
3) Jim Gray
4) Aaron Glasscock
5) Jeff Greenwood

1) Michael Buckley
2) George Watanabe

3) Zack Mayall

4) Kevin Davis

Kevin Bradley – 1st place, Longest gap ollie


Kevin Davis, flying high today!


Our DJ, Chris keeping the pace,


Ron Chatman – 2nd Place 40-49. Ripped with style!


George Watanabe – Speed and style all around the bowl – 2nd – 30-39.


Jim Gray - Skateboarder

Jim Gray – None went fast with a bigger smile. 3rd – 40-49.


Aaron Glasscock – worked all inches of the pool block and turned on a dime with them custom trucks. 4th – 40-49.




Heidi Lemmon, from the SPAUSA, is the brainchild of this series. She first mentioned she wanted to do it about a year ago, maybe more. Well, one day I got a flyer in the email box and she was going for it. I was stoked to see it happening. Thanks to the judges, Chuck and Jim for Mc-ing, Chris for the DJ-ing, Yoshi for mc and judging help. Marty Grimes for all the support. I also need to thank OG Eddie for the camera and pics, and also David Barker for his picture of the group. Thanks to the sponsors listed on the Flyer:

#2 The next event is going to be at Skatelab in the Birch Bowl on May 19 and its double points.

#3 Santa Monica at the Cove
#4 undecided
#5 Championship at Pedlow

Don’t be a puss! Come out and skate the next one!



Just go do what ever the hell you want. Just get on the thing and just start fucking riding.

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Additional Photo Gallery

I pulled up to the parking lot of Pedlow Skatepark early Saturday Morning, 7:25 to be exact. Way too early, but whatever its contest day. Pretty soon more and more people showed up and the contest looked like it was going to be a good turnout. Frank Cremona and his crew were setting up boxes, rails, and barriers for his part of the contest while Red Bull passed out free drinks to everyone in attendence.

Jerod Deloa

The first bowl division got underway with the 12 and under bowl skaters and the day was starting strong with lots of young rippers such as Jerod Deloa, Allysha Bergado, Ryan Connors, and many more. Everyone quickly got used to the big bowl that towered pretty far over many of their heads, but that didn’t stop many of them from pulling frontside airs, boneless, and lots of grinds. I’m pretty sure Jerod from Gridlock Skateboards won, but my memory is a little fuzzy and the red bull hadn’t exactly kicked in yet.

Dave Reul. – Ziggy – Josh

After the 12 and under division finished I handed the camera off to Squirt, and jumped in the bowl. Plenty of skaters showed up from all over and it looked to be a good contest. The entire Gridlock team was in attendance tearing up the bowl, and at first all odds were on them. Once the contest got under way it became obvious that this bowl was no easy thing to get used to with many skaters unable to tame the beast known as the Pedlow peanut bowl. It seemed as though the key to winning was simply sticking your run. After the first runs the top half of the skaters got to take a second run, and when the dust settled somehow I won, with Julie Kindstrand in second, and Steven Dente in third.

After the 13-17 group it was supposed to be the 18-29 warmups, but come on what’s a bowl contest without a little snaking. Once they cleared everyone out of the bowl the 18-29 division started and since it was a small group they decided to make it jam format. Riley Harper had smooth consistent runs with lots of frontside airs and huge backside hip airs. Riley also attempted to clear the gap between the snake run and the pool, but was unable to bridge the gap. Ollie moore got in on the action throwing down some insane padless runs, but was unable to beat wonder-boy Riley and got second.

Once the 18-29 division ended Speed Buggy took the stage and played their set while an unbelievable snake session went down. There were some close calls, slams, and other mayhem, but in the end everyone walked away unhurt.(I think) After Cohort Brian nearly killed himself by bonelessing off the hip into the deepend the session ended and the 30 and over division began.

Heavy ripping went down, but in the end local Mike Buckley a.k.a Comus Mike took the 30 and over division followed by Tino and Squirt. Once the senior citizens… I mean 30 and over group finished the Skatanic Rednecks took the stage. Now, if you haven’t seen this band play it is a must. This may be one of the craziest bands I have ever seen complete with plastic horses all over the stage that you can even take for a ride if you so desire. Cohort Brian took up this offer and well frankly we hope he didn’t hit his head too hard trying that boneless.

Once Dave Reul and the Skatanic Rednecks finished and the sun was setting the contest came to a close with lots of great skating, a great time, killer music, and way too many Red Bulls. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the contest, and thanks to everyone who donated product and helped put this contest together. Special thanks to Dogtown Steve, Chris, George, and Frank for putting together such a great contest. See ya next year!

Skatanic Rednecks – Rocking it Poolside!

Official results as best as I remember:
1. Cory Minderhout
2. Julie Kindstrand
3. Steve Dente

1. Riley Harper
2. Ollie More

1. Mike Buckley
2. Tino
3. Squirt
4. Eddie Hadvina
5.James Rodriguez