Vans and Tony Hawk Announce Official Brand Partnership

Tony Hawk, Vans Off The Wall Skatepark, Huntington Beach, CA Image Credit: by Michael Burnett

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Vans presents CREDITS: An All-Women’s Skate Film by Shari White

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The SPAUSA – Concrete Disciples 2001 Skatepark Awards.

In an effort to recognize the designers and builders building top notch skateparks we have put forth this yearly awards presentation. Read more

Gnarlytown – Long Beach CA Info

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OGJam Series 2019 Event Info

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Urethane Revolution – Book Release Party

Press Release

Urethane Revolution s highly anticipated by gravity sports insiders. 

Book reading/signing/whatever… 

urethane revolution cover

Skatepark inventor, originalist and perennial gravity sports wag, John O’Malley reads from his book Urethane Revolution,about the birth of skateboarding in San Diego in 1975; which was, either a series of cosmic coincidences or some collision of idiots. Not to be missed. 

Venue: Dream Baby 162-164 Ave. B NY NY 10009 (Between 10th & 11th Streets)

Event date: 4/25 from 6-9 PM

Price: Free (cash bar)

Telephone: (212) 529-8463

Website: follow Urethane Revolution on FB or IG

Author: John O’Malley


Launch Party for new book from History Press:
Urethane Revolution: The Birth of Skate–San Diego 1975
John O’Malley’s new book titled Urethane Revolution is an iconic tale of how a hippy Skunkworks of garages and shacks from Encinitas, California launched the modern skater movement in 1975. 
Narrated in a distinctive, irreverent voice, It’s a synergistic confluence of superb characters and improbable events and jam-packed with terrific photos by the best photographers of the day. 
The greatest story never told in extreme sports history. 
Set in sleepy little 1975 Encinitas ,The Urethane Revolution (UR) recounts the unorthodox characters and unlikely events, that launched skateboarding into our contemporary culture. Permanently. 
It contains: 
Two car chases, two plane crashes, a massive truck bomb, Colombian narcos, the Mafia, senior White House staff, a gypsy fortune teller, three straight-up miracles, Jacques Cousteau, big, big, piles of cocaine, naked hippy chicks and 50 pages of terrific photos. 
Looks like reportage. Tastes like fiction. 
John O’Malley was a member of the seventies Skunkworks team and has recounted it in this new book that’s been highly anticipated by insiders in extreme sports (surfing and skateboarding, etc) 
Artifacts from his original, Carlsbad Skatepark, are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute.
• Because the story of The Urethane Revolution has been long overlooked and overdue, like an overlooked vein of uranium in the California foothills.
• Seventies surf-grunge flavor.
• Because Encinitas was an invisible industry town back in the day, with millions of skate industry dollars pouring into town. 
• And because skate culture as a market segment is ginormous — larger by far than the sum of all the other extreme sports put together.
Dream Baby  162-164 Ave. B NY NY 10009 launch Party (Cash Bar)
April 25 from 6 pm – 9 pm 


Mr. O’Malley created the original Skateparks, he has written for Surfer Magazine, SkateBoarder Magazine, and Surfers Journal.
His beat covers reporting from some collisions of idiots.
He lives in New York City. He surfs and skates to work every day.
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Urethane Revolution book Signings

OGJam Series Expands to NORCAL in 2019

In 2019 the OGJam Series, a non-profit Skateboarding Competition series for older skaters, is going to be expanding into Northern Californina and establishing a second Series of events for NORCAL skaters. The SOCAL series will continue through various spots from the LA area to Palm Springs and hopefully San Diego. Those SOCAL events are still being finalized.

Get all the rest of your info here

Here’s the Norcal SAVE THE DATES Flyers:

OGJam Series 2019 - Chico CA 

OGJam Series 2019 - Ione CA 

OGJam Series 2019 - Chico CA 

OGJam Series 2019 - Auburn CA 

Urethane Revolution – Book Review

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Girls Combi Pool Party 2019 – Recap/Results

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