Stuck in the middle again…Hermann’s Bash

Stuck in the middle again…

I am in the plane getting out of the middle of nowhere stuck in the center seat.. The goons I am elbow to elbow with right now have no idea why I am so smelly right now. Nor can they comprehend why I would come out to ‘Misery to ride a skate board as I let the cat out of the bag on my way back to the west coast from the heartland.

No skate  mags on the news stand at the airports?!…Is skateboarding dead again? Who cares? It’s happening more than ever. The ‘Scene’ is alive and well and will never die in the underground and off the map. The DIY skate scene can never be bought out and packaged for the general public. It can’t be exploited or stopped.  It is really catching on under bridges everywhere and out in the woods too. 

Elise grinding the box.

I had to get out of the daily grind and get some grinds with fellow owner/builders. I got picked up from the airport by ShowMePools Lynch and Michelle Buck (should be called Build Me Pools) who already had fellow Sacrifice rider BJ Morril with them and we were strait out to the farm. Phones dead – no signal – cut off from the world.. Herman’s hole. Herman is not a person but a place. A small town in Missouri. Owned by one of the KHVT crew. JP’s county get a way is a bit like skatopia minus the burning cars. JP hosted the weekend event  and welcomed all who come to skate. raise some money to help buy more mud to keep it going. All are welcome who come to ride but show some respect for your fellow skater especially for those that help build or yer tent gets cut. Talk shit, but who takes one on another man’s Van?

Billyjack nosepick


BJ – rockin

DIY Weapon of choice – The float

There was a contest of sorts but there were no real winners. Some won some product but the real winners was every one that rode from sun up to well past sundown. The session stayed heated until 3 am Friday and  Saturday nights. With many putting in triple double overtime. Taking breaks for quick power naps waking to the clickitty clack sound of bricks getting grinded.  Sorry no energy drink sponsors (Although BJ needs one he drinks about 5 a day). No live web cast feed so this rambling is as close as your going to get unless you get off your ass and check it for yourself!


ShowMe’s huevo is a quick and whippy gem of the heartland. Fulfilling the need for the lack of natural pools.




Kings Highway


Kings Highway – Seat of Love

Kings highway is a rugged and raw beautiful mess. Pure genius mixed with a bit of retarded insanely = one of the funnest spots ever. Originality in its design, it breaks down barriers by slapping various amounts of Crete up on them.

This was one of the best and purest skate trips ever. All DIY vigilantly tranny. NO public parks. I met some really cool skaters and finally made it out to see some good friends and their creations after riding with them at various west coast bridge spots.

I just realized how many good people I have met under bridges in the worst parts of town… Only in skateboarding.

Sleepy Time