OG Jam Series Schedule 2015

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OG Jam @ Vans Recap & Highlights

Overall 2014 points winners

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OG Jam @ Vans on Saturday 2014

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Next OG Jam @ Pedlow 2014

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OG Ghost Jam @ Butlers

OG JAM @ Ben Butlers Skate Ranch

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OG Jam Series 2014 @ Santa Monica

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OG Jam Series, 2014 @ Clairemont YMCA

2014 OG Jam Series Clairmont YMCA San Diego 2014

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OG JAM ’14 Dates and Info.

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OG Jam Series, 2013 Finale @ Vans

Kevin Rucks Invert on a classic deck

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OG Ghost Jam @ Glendale

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OG Jam Series 2013- Ride the Birch!

Ron Chatman OGJAm Series Intro at Skatelab 2013

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OG Jam Series, Santa Monica Rager!

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OG Jam Series #2, Pedlow Skatepark – 2013

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Vans Pool Party 2013

Vans Pool Party was flyin high - Cory Juneau

The Vans Pool Party of 2013 was another installment of the most electrifying skateboarding ever witnessed. The intensity and mayhem may not have been believable in the days of yor, but in the modern world where it can be broadcast to your living room via the world wide web, many thousands around the globe would agree with the skaters, media, and frothing fans in attendance that this event is better then all the rest. The Prelims were pretty hectic. Lots of take downs, broken and bruised masters crawling out of the bowl. Blood cleanup in the square was required. There was no mercy for the Masters as all riders had to make it through the Prelims to get to the finals. This may not be the case next year, but we’ll discuss that some other time. The electric vibe for the masters is quite fun. Peter Hewitt and Jeff Grosso lit up the crowd! The top 10 gnarly and consistent Masters made it to another round of torturous fun.

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OG Jam Series Results, Stop#1 2013

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Old Guy Jam Series #5 Results and Overall Final Standings

The Old Guy Jame Series No. 5 saw Steve Badillo break loose of the 30-year-old bracket and maintain his lead in the overall series rankings. Melissa Spillman remains in the top slot in the women’s division. Read more

Old Guy Jam Series #5 – The Championship

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OG Jam Series #4, Results from Vans Skatepark

First off, I gotta say I had a great time! By the looks of it everybody else did too so I am stoked! Heidi and the rest of us are all very grateful for everyone’s volunteer help and support, the sponsors for their prize donations and support, the venues like Vans, and all the skaters that have been coming out to participate in all the events. It’s all interdependent on each other and its all been really good times and memories we will all share.

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OG Jam Series #4 – Vans Skatepark @ Orange CA.

Vans requires a list of competitors to get access to the bowl – To make it easy if you have ever competed in any of the OG events I will have your name on the list. If this is your first, please register with [email protected] or with me [email protected]

Spectators will not be allowed around the bowl, the upper mezzanine is the viewing area for spectators. Only competitors, pre-registered media, judges, and a few volunteers are allowed to access the Combi bowl area. The skatepark will be open as usual in the rest of the park. Hopefully we’ll get the roll up door open on the square side for a few people to be able to watch.

Ladies Division looks to be on again. Over 30 and still shredding, the Old Gal Jam Series is on!

Overall Standings after the 1st three events:

30 – 39 Division

Rank    Name        Score
1    Steve Badillo    1450
2    Mike Buckley    1250
3    Zack Mayall    925
4    Sicky Nicky    900
5    Kevin Hewitt    850
6    Kevin Davis    825
7    Kevin Burke    500
8    Phil Farrel    450
8    P.J. Baldacchi    450
9    George Watanabe    425
10    Chris Purcell    375
11    Manny Ortiz    325
12    Mark Nelson    275
12    Mike Aranaw    275


40 – 49 division

Rank    Name              Score
1    Jeff Greenwood     1400
2    Robert Weddle      1200
3    Aaron Glasscock   1125
4    Darin Sanders       1100
5    Garret Naka            1000
6    Ron Chatman         750
7    Bradley Smith         675
8    Jeremy Fletcher      500
       Rich Sanchez         500
       Bernie O’Dowd       500
11   Mondo deLibertad 425
12   Dave Taylor             375
        Jim Gray                  375
13   Gerry Shuck            225
        Greg le Blanc         225
        James Rodriguez 225
        Dave Fowler           225
        Nick Couscouris   225
        T-Bone                     225
        Starsky Klienhans 225
        Pat Muzingo            225
        Steve Primo            225
        Kenny Nelson        225
        Dale Andreoli         225
        Andrew Ruiz           225
        PJ Balducchi          225
        Alex Aviles               225

50 + Division

Rank    name           Score
1    Eddie Hadvina    2000
2    Greg Garret    1225
3    Steve Wright    1200
4    Jerry Schuman    875
5    Xavier Lanes    775
6    Carlos Novo    650
7    Chuck Hultz    425
8    Ron Grewohl    425
9    Rich Doherty    275
10    Russell Fleming    250



Rank                              Score
1 Mellissa Spillman    1500
2 cheryl juman-as        850
3 ocea iverson              750


The Scoring System. Jam #2 at Skatelab was double points.
1st 500
2nd 425
3rd 375
4th 325
5th 275
6th 250
7th 225
everyone gets 225 to enter 7th thru last


OGJS #3 – The Cove in Santa Monica CA.

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