The Women Of Skateboarding Are Exposed In 2012

Brewing for a long time in the underground the womens skateboarding scene has been searching for a portal into getting more coverage.
Hunter Long – Smith Grind

The general conception in the mainstream industry is that Womens skateboarding is not ‘big enough’ to warrant good coverage or sustain itself. This does not sit well for the ladies that are out there skating hard and promoting themselves and trying to grow the ranks of female skaters. Exposure 2012 was more then a demonstration of pretty girls that are skating at all time highs, although that is also the case. It was a showcase for what can go down when the passion is high and when your attitude is that failure is not an option. Amelia Brodka and Armando De La Libertad connected ideals and put forth an exceptional day which showcased the power and love of skateboarding by and for girls/ladies/women.

Hopefully this is a precursor to more great things to come!

Alana Smith nabs a piece of skateboarding history this day! First girl to land a 540 in a competition.

Alana Smith – Air to Fakie