Ultrabowl 6

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Evolution at the Combi: The Girls Combi Pool Classic – 2014

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Get Set, Go! Girls At the Ultrabowl in Malmo

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The Women Of Skateboarding Are Exposed In 2012

Brewing for a long time in the underground the womens skateboarding scene has been searching for a portal into getting more coverage. Read more

Alana Smith makes her mark, 1st female 540 in a contest!

Saturday, 11/3/2012 – It was a perfect day for this noteworthy accomplishment to happen. A beautiful day for the Exposure 2012 all girls event to take place in Clairemont, CA., near San Diego. At the end of the vert finals jam the ladies switched gears into best trick mode and Alana Smith had already staked the claim to making the 540. After about a dozen attempts she dropped the bomb perfectly! Being 12 years young and already skating at this high level we would expect this is just the beginning for her. Congratulations!