Shredfest 2 Photo Coverage

Shredfest 2@ the Pink Motel

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History Made at the 10th Year of Vans Pool Party

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Ultrabowl 6 – 2014 Sweden

Julia Brückler - frontside feeble

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Vans Pool Party 2014 coverage

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Bondi Bowl-a-rama Results 2014

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2013 Tim Brauch Memorial Contest

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Clash @ Clairemont 7 -2013

The Clash Rocked Clairemont this weekend! Read more

Favorite Skateparks of Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez 5 favorite Skateparks

This park is very mellow and smooth. Its a real fun place to learn tricks and just roll around. It has a round bowl connected to a square bowl with a 6 ft spine, and a nice little flow area.

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Pro Results

1)    Jake Piaseki
2)    Dave Reul
3)    Joshua Rodriquez
4)    Jimmy the Greek
5)    Mark Partain
6)    Nicholas Daiello
7)    Shane Allan
8)    Ben Butler
9)    Jeremiah Risk
10)     Chris Reeves
11)     Francisco Penunsci

Am’s Results

1)    Chris Russell
2)    Anthony Anaya
3)    Adrian Hernandez
4)    Jake Reuter
5)    Keith Baldessare
6)    William Hankins
7)    Shane Cox
8)    Chris Ocampo
9)    Alex Macou
10)     Devon Lamb
11)     Riley Fryer
12)     Race Davis
13)     Greg Fountain
14)     Billy Williams
15)     Joshua Hammack

Ladies Results

1)    Julie Kindstrand
2)    Melissa Dafnos
3)    Megan Brown
4)    Alex Harper
5)    Meredith Betts
6)    Ashley Esponoza
7)    Haley Kindstrand

Groms Results

1)    Tom Schaar
2)    Shane Short
3)    Griffen Chase
4)    Kevin Miranda
5)    Trent Bowman
6)    Justin Rivera
7)    Donte Qverton
8)    Travis Rivera
9)    Gavin Alsop
10)    Kiko Francisco

**Results from WCSK8.COM


“It’s about f’in time! I have to give it up to Pro-Tec and Vans and all of you lively people out there. Let’s go get drunk,” – Bucky Lasek

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