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Future Primitive – Special Edition DVD

Special Edition DVD sheds light on Primitive.

Future Primitive DVD

Dropping this DVD into my player a couple weeks back was a fun trip down memory lane. This was one of the first skateboarding things I ever saw on a tv screen. We were taking a break from the heat at Upland Pipeline in the pro shop and we looked up and saw a bunch of our MAGAZINE HEROS in action (LIVE ACTION!!!). We were blown away by seeing how our favorites skaters got into the tricks we saw in Thrasher and Transworld. This opened up a whole can of worms it turned out and the Skate Video was born.

What this video brings out is what none of us little kids ever really knew was taking place behind the scenes. Stacy Peralta’s director commentary is a new twist and divulges what he and the skaters were thinking when they made the first few videos in the series. Mostly, they were pretty clueless about it, but they all managed to put together some brilliant skateboarding with some (often corny) themes. They didn’t know it, but they were setting the standards that countless videos have retread a million times over.

If your familiar with the video then get yourself quickly acquainted with the Special Features:

Bonus features include:

1. Directors Commentary with Stacy Peralta
2. Feature Primitive – (Featurette about the video including comments from Cab, George Powell, and others) run time 30min
3. Future Premiere (Short piece highlighting the Premiere of the film in 85′) run time 4:30min
4. “Skating with that Dude” performance by Johnny Rad run time 3min

Original film digitally re-mastered
Run time: 52 min

We don’t have this one in our shop, but you can get it directly from Powell Peralta here!