Shredfest 2 Photo Coverage

Shredfest 2@ the Pink Motel

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Shredfest 2 info

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Shred Fest at the Pink Motel 2021

Pink Motel Shred Fest 2021

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Howie and Charlie’s Pink Motel Party

Pink Motel Birthday Intro

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Camtest / Tucklove / Pink Motel 2015

Camtest Pink Motel 2015

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CamTest / Pink Motel 2015

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Kreper Trucks Video Premiere

Kreper Trucks Party Intro

Kreper Trucks Video Premiere @ thePink Motel Pool

Free Beer! Free Food! Free session all day at the Pink Motel! Watch the new Kreper Video too! ~ SICK! Read more

Hessian Sessions DVD – Broken Magazine

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KreperShow – DVD

Kreper Krepershow DVD

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Dave Ruels Birthday Bash @ Pink Motel

People started to get buzzed, and continued to push the level even further. Everyone was stoked! People were shaking hands, talking shit, and generally having a great time. No one wanted the night to end. Read more