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Vans Pool Party 2014 coverage

Pro Division Video:

Master Division Video:

Once again the Vans Pool Party throws a beat down on bowl rider loving skateboarders. Bearing witness leaves us with so many after thoughts your head hurts. It leaves us with stoke and questions that will be debated from now till we’re dead and gone. But there are hundreds of other stories and experiences going on all around this giant event that we’d love to hear about. We probably never will but that is what makes this experience truly unique and one of a kind. It’s the BIG SHOW! Big Shows need big personalities and there were plenty of those to go around.

Legends Results:
Chris Miller
Jeff Grosso
Christian Hosoi
Eddie Elguera
Nicky Guerrero
Eric Nash
Lester Kasai
Steve Caballero
Tony Magnusson
Pat Ngoho
Steve Stedham
Steve Alba
Ben Shroeder
Lonny Hiramoto


With the splitting up of the Masters and Legends, it really opened up the door for a lot of new faces in the finals.

Master Results:

Bruno Passos
Brian Patch
Darren Navarette
Sergie Ventura
Steve Revord
Darin Jenkins
Justin Lynch
Jed Fuller
Jocke Olson
Bryan Pennington
John Barnes
Rob Boyce
Pat Black
Jeff Hedges
Anthony Hancock

Pro Results:

Tristan Rennie
Joshua Rodriguez
Cory Juneau
Trey Wood
Brad McClain
Tom Schaar
Andy Macdonald
Joshua Borden
Dalton Dern
Alex Perelson
Felipe Foguinho
Heimana Reynolds
Giorgio Zattoni
Nolan Monroe
Sandro Dias

– I am sorry I was so short on words this time. I want to express my thanks to Vans for making this awesome event (10 times over now) for us to witness and benchmark for the future. World Cup deserves a lot of credit too for putting this together with Vans, the sponsors and vendors. I am so lucky to get into the arena to watch and document this premiere skateboard contest! The future is now and it is burning bright!