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Curren Caples and Louie Lopez

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Vans Invitational 2013 – Mens

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Clash 2011 Results

Press Release:

CLASH 2011 presented by Relentless

20th – 22nd May Skatehall-Berlin

 The victory goes to: Belgium! This weekend Skatehalle-Berlin became Europeans centre of skateboarding. At the end of the day Axel Cruysberghs climbed the podium’s top spot, taking home the biggest share of the 12.500 € price money. The remaining two spots went to Flip wonderboy Louie Lopez from California and Stuttgart’s Lem Villemin. Renton Millar from Australia won the Vert Jam, followed by local Jürgen Horrwarth at the post on his own ramp. Finland’s Jussi Korhonen got third. The Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern had already gone down late on Saturday. With sweat and adrenalin soaking the air and an electrified crowd densely packed on the decks. Young Curren Caples from Ventura, California stoked out everyone, putting Jürgen Horrwarth – once again – in a close second place, followed by Frenchman Julien Benoliel.

 The audience at CLASH 2011 presented by Relentless Energy Drink got to witness skateboarding on its highest level all weekend long. Skateboarders from all over Europe showcased what is possible in the Skatehall Berlin.

Thus, the street final held all aspects of skateboarding styles imaginable: Lennie Burmeister who just gave the streetcourse of Skatehalle-Berlin a new facelift showed the crowd how to shred off the beaten tracks. Lem Villemin returned after last year’s heavy knee injury and Louie Lopez pleased the crowd and judges with popping full cab flips. Axel Cruysberghs displaying that eventually he is not little anymore: impossible lipslides and backtail 270’s up the rail should be proof enough.

 The Vert Jam turned into a big showdown between buddies Jürgen Horrwarth and Renton Millar. Both flew various 540’s almost up to the roof, smacked madonna’s and body jar’s on the coping, rambled grinds through the rugged pool coping corner and slid liptricks spanning almost all of the ramp. A photofinish so to say, with Renton’s flip to five-o arguably making the difference.

The brand new stone coping corner piece in the bowl was definitely the sight to see in Zimtstern’s bowljam. The sound it made when Ferit Batir slid Mach-2 lipslides, JulienBenoliel ground nosegrinds popping in, or CurrenCaples gapped to tailslide down probably still rings in the ears of everyone there.


What else? Cash for tricks! Hammers upon hammers: Back to back flip frontblunt down the ledge by Eniz Fazilov and switch backside noseblunts by Pete Eldridge!! Any questions!? Check the first teaser on Mpora for the madness:

More Skateboarding Videos


One more CLASH down and we all see you in Berlin for next year’s CLASH!




1. Axel Cruysberghs (BEL)
2. Louie Lopez (USA)
Lem Villemin (GER)
4. Curren Caples (USA)
5. Andy Welther (GER)
6. Lennie Burmeister (GER)
7. Louis Taubert (GER)
8. Albert Nyberg (SWE)
9. Maxime Genin (FRA)
10. Neil Smith (GBR)


Photo by Adam Sello

Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern
Curren Caples (USA)
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER)
3. Julien Benoliel (ITA)
4. Martin Jurasik (CZE)
5. Ivan Federico (ITL)
6. Axel Cruys­berghs (BEL)
7. Mickey Iglesias (SUI)
Robin Mentrup (GER)
9. Ferrit Batir (AUT)


Relentless Vertjam

1. Renton Millar (AUS)

2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER

3. Jussi Korrhonen (FIN) 

4. Sam Beckett (GBR)
5. Pontus Björn (SWE)
6. Sam Bosworth (GBR)

All Photos by Adam Sello

Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding Teaser

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Final Results
1. Raven Tershay – $10,000
2. Curren Caples – $6,000
3. Kevin Kowalski -$5,000
4. Tony Trujillo – $4,500
5. Rune Glifberg – $4,000
6. Chad Bartie – $3,500
7. Ben Raybourn – $3,000
8. Dennis Busenitz – $2,500
9. Collin Provost – $2,000
10. Grant Taylor – $1,000
11. Tom Remillard – $900
12. Andrew Langi – $800
13. Pedro Barros – $700
14. Christian Hosoi – $600
15. Jake Duncombe – $500

Best Trick
1. Aaron Hamoki – $1,200 – Blunt kickflip to fakie on top of the taco
2. Ben Raybourne – $1,100 – Boardslide transfer from cradle
3. Tom Remillard – $1,900 – Frontside 5-0 to fakie around the cradle

Honorable Mention/Extra tricks for $100 a piece
Andrew Langi
Tom Remillard
Nolan Johnson
Ben Raybourn


The PacSun Clash @ Clairemont 2 raises over $13k for cancer and skatepark…

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