Swamp Fest 2023 flyer/info

Swampfest 2023

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This Axe was Made to Grind Released on Youtube

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This Axe Was Made To Grind

The First DVD I will be reviewing will be “This Axe Was Made To Grind”. A SkateVideo by Zach, Roche, and Hitz. Read more


The DVD itself if nicely packaged with a small accompanying photo book of photos and skate art from Bart. Get a copy, it will motivate you to get off your ass and start shredding! Read more

“Let it Bleed” – 1984 Video

“Let it Bleed” – 1984 Video Read more

Creature Skateboards Born Dead Review

Creature Skateboards Born Dead Review

I hate them all….Creatures! Read more

Talking to the Hand: Sam Hitz

Funny interview today over at Strange Notes: 

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Pala Pool Jam

Pala Pool Heddings Jam

…the contest was essentially a three hour jam. You could skate take a break, skate more, whatever the hell you wanted, for three hours.

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Heddings Memorial Jam 2003

The Heddings Memorial Jam

…a memorial jam was thrown in honor of Neil’s son, whom recently passed away. While the reason for the get together sucks, the memorial itself was sick!

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Dave Ruels Birthday Bash @ Pink Motel

People started to get buzzed, and continued to push the level even further. Everyone was stoked! People were shaking hands, talking shit, and generally having a great time. No one wanted the night to end. Read more

Independent Trucks presents Belmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam

Independent Trucks presents Belmar’s Bowl 20 Years Deep jam:
Featuring Steve Alba, Peter Hewitt, Jeff Grosso, Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Lance Mountain, Al Partanen, Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan, Micke Alba, Eric Nash, Cara Beth Burnside, Josh Borden, Pat Ngoho, Crazy Kyle, and Jay Haizlip

Video is gone from the internet…

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