Slam City Jam 1998

Chad muska was out to terrorize B.C. at every stop. He did!!!

Sergie Ventura was completely nuts!!! Flying higher then I’ve ever seen him fly before. Then he was pulling some crazy varials waaaaaay above everyone’s heads. A couple Slams in practice may have contributed to not placing so high.

Wade Speyer was ripping hard. Then he moved up to the vert ramp and didn’t have time to put on any pads!

We spent Thursday & Friday hanging with Bob ” slam on my head cuz I’m drunk ” K.. Chilling out at
the arena on Fri. until some more of the posse showed up. Bob K. stayed, but the Seattle crew was going to have no part of sticking around the arena all day. So the Seattle crew headed out to Burnaby, only to be greeted by 90 degree heat with no shade in sight. 24 beers went down in about 40 minutes between the 5 of us. ( Rosco, Bobcat, Mike, Barfly, & myself.) A little after we’re completely warn out & dehydrated, the local 13 year old school girls come on by to say hi!

this picture kind of said it all!

Morris worked with Tim Payne for almost 48 hours straight to help get this vert ramp done.
Well I took a couple of alcohol induced rides myself and the ramp was primo! Why didn’t I bring my board???

Darren Navarette is hesh. We like him! can't tell if this is a 180 indy to fakie , or the middle of a 360 indy!

Darren Navarette is hesh. We like him! can’t tell if this is a 180 indy to fakie , or the middle of a 360 indy!

Salman Agah is on a mission this year. Here he was working on nailing down his nose manuels across the smooth deck ( but very gnarly roll out, and back in )

Mark Gonzales ruled the course. Started with these ( much more difficult than they could possibly look) ollie 50 – 50’s from the bump in the middle of the platform.

Mathias Ringstrom gave us the ultimate facial expression of disgust as we informed him that yes the Subscribe page in Concrete Disciples was real. He returned the favor by making some of the sickest tricks
of the weekend while getting ready for the contest.

Chuck has been back! He’s ripping hard, just had too much company crowding him trying to get off the extension.