Protec Pool Party 2011 Results


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Here’s the results


1 Chris Miller

2 Steve Caballero

3 Lance Mountain

4 Tony hawk

5 Eric Nash

6 Duane Peters

7 Sergie Ventura

8 Pat Ngoho

9 Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce

10 Steve Alba


Rob Sluggo Boyce


1 Pedro Barros

2 Rune Glifberg

3 Andy Macdonald

4 Nolan Munro

5 Alex Perelson

6 Omar Hassan

7 Steve Piniero

8 Mike Owens

9 Sky Siljeg

10 Sandro Dias

(9th and 10th might be reversed)

Sky Siljeg


Additional coverage and commentary will follow shortly here on Concrete Disciples. Check back soon.

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