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The PacSun Clash @ Clairemont 2 raises over $13k for cancer and skatepark…

Clash at Clairemont 2008
Do-Gooding – n. or adj. – an earnest often naïve humanitarian or reformer.

This word springs to my mind when thinking of workings of this event. The place is filled with DoGooders whether they know it or not. The organizers go far and beyond a days work to put this together to help out a lot of people. The athletes put on a killer show and inspired large crowds. The money raised goes to some proper charities, GRIND FOR LIFE, who in turn help out people with cancer, and Clairemont Mission Valley YMCA’s Krause Family Skate Park who maintain one of the best skateparks in the world.

Mike Rogers and Tony Hawk – A couple of Do-Gooders

Adrian Demain not only launched some big airs but jumped onto the stage and performed with the band.

Pierre Luc was french canadian sickness

Fun, being the top billing, was in abundance. From what I witnessed everyone on both sides of the fence (spectators and athletes) were having a really good time. Skateboarding legends like Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab, Steve Alba, Lester Kasai, top vert pros like Pierre Luc Gagnon, Neil Hendrix, Andy Macdonald, Sergie Ventura, and new faces Zac Miller, Nolan Johnson, Curren Capples, Patrick Ryan, kept the 6 hours long skate demo in motion from the Vert ramp, to the bowl, to the autograph tables.

Tony Hawk is underrated

Steve Alba continues to charge it

Doubles are always fun to watch. Andy Mac and Sergie V. went for it a couple times in the bowl.

I briefly got to speak with Mike Rogers on site, he’s the familiar face man and founder of Grind For Life, and thanked him for the event and work he does and he turns it around and is thanking me more just for coming out. Then as the demo was winding down by the bowl I was getting some more insight to the event from GFL Board Member Chris Conway who can’t thank enough the support and help of Andy Macdonald (organizes the athletes), Pac Sun the headline sponsor, and all the vendors, volunteers and attendees. Chris looked a little emotional about it and summed up the feeling that ‘…if we can help just one kid by doing this event then it is worth it”. Well, they helped a lot more then 1 kid out. Talk about humble!

Niel Hendrix

Mimi Knoop

Curren Capples

Some of the stats you might find interesting: There was a $10 donation asked for at the gate and more then 1,300 people kicked in for that. There was nearly 2,000 people at the event. The money raised gets split evenly between Grind For Life and The Krause Family YMCA for skatepark upkeep.

Check out what Grind For Life is all about Here:

Or better yet , you can always donate a few $$$ here:

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