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Introducing – The Mission Belt Co.

Mission Belts

I received some very fine belts from a new company called The Mission Belt Co. last week and I haven’t stopped wearing one since. I’ve been rocking the white one pictured below.

The belts have a nice unique latching feature which doesn’t use any holes. You slide your belt into the buckle until its snug, a perfect fit every time! To release it you just pop the little lever under the belt and it slides off easy. It’s just how you want your belt to be. Throw on the fact that is genuine leather and crafted beautifully so it’s almost like you don’t want to go thrash it.

The Mission Belt Co. is also on a mission to help their favorite charity by pledging a dollar for every belt sold to fight global hunger and poverty. These are good peeps with a good product doing good things for the world (and you).  All the extra details for this great belt company can be found here: