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GoPole – Your Best GoPro Accessories!

GoPole has been around nearly as long as GoPro cameras. They quickly jumped into the accessory market for the gaping hole of quality accessories for the burgeoning GoPro camera. Now they own the field with the best accessories and killer quality of them. I was recently asked to take a look at some of the accessories and review them here on CD and of course I jumped at the chance. I’ve been testing these three products out the past month and here’s what I found.

Scenelapse‘ is my favorite accessory. It slowly turns the base unit of your tripod around up to 360 degrees. With various settings you can shoot on time lapse and get some really cool panoramic sweeps. It only turns one direction, but with some creativity you can film up/down/left/ or right sweeps. I have more great clips to come. Here’s a 360 I did of the Lanark Skate Plaza in the middle of the park:

Lanark Skatepark 360 from Jeff Greenwood on Vimeo.

The ‘Base‘ is dual purpose, it can mount your GoPro case mounts on one side and on the other a tradition tripod mount is available. The legs flip up and over (reversible) and have 3 upright positions you can click into our if needed uneven balance the tripod out. I thought it was a good low height tripod and is nice to have in the tool belt, but when I mounted the ‘Reach’ stick to it for addition height it felt like a slight breeze could knock it over.

'Scenelapse and Base'
Here’s my GoPro mounted atop the GoPole’s Scenelapse and Base

Reach‘ – a 14-40″ selfie stick that has some really great qualities. 1st) it locks into the length you extend your stick out to with a simple twist, and it will stay in place. I used a cheap one a while back and it couldn’t keep the camera upright with barely any movement. This one does not have that problem at all. 2nd) It is also very light weight so adding it to your backpack for a hike or a skate isn’t going to set you back much. 3rd) It has a traditional tripod mount on the handle which is nice to use on your GoPole ‘Base’ or other larger tripods. 4th) It’s waterproof so you can take it into the water and film away in pools, lakes or oceans. 5th) The handle grip is a very comfy rubber. It also has a clip on attachment for a remote control for your GoPro camera which is needed for taking a decent selfie without trying to time a 10 second delay or something. This stick is very versatile and durable, I think you’d love it!

GoPole Reach demo in a pool from Jeff Greenwood on Vimeo.

Go Pole Lineup
Go Pole Lineup

I have really been enjoying these high quality accessories and I think I will be for a long time. To buy any of these or other GoPole accessories go to the source: