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Bigfoot Magazine – Doin’ it for the Fringe!

Bigfoot Magazine Spotlight

This magazine, names after the the ever elusive ‘Bigfoot’, is a new magazine done from the heart of Girl Skateboarders for Girl Skateboarders. Women’s Skateboarding has really exploded in recent years and its really giving opportunities for many new facets of skateboarding to emerge. This is one I’ve been hoping to see for a long time!

Bigfoot Magazine - Spotlight Review Doin' it for the Fringe!

I spoke to Migzy McGuire, founder and editor of Bigfoot, recently and I could feel her passion and dedication. She and the whole Bigfoot crew have created a magazine that is quite good. All kinds of unexpected fun, art, and informational articles fill each full color, glossy issue. They really share the experiences of fringe skaters, which may be uncomfortable at times, and bring them to the light to enlighten and entertain. Meanwhile the skateboarding contained inside is not to be overlooked as well. There’s plenty of skateboarding action.

I recommend you really support this killer magazine and help it thrive against the cross currents that all publication have been facing. What I mean is, contact Migz and buy an ad, or buy a copy from their store and help spread the word. Here’s what they are up against (IMO)… magazines have been shutting down hand over fist the last 10-15 years as almost everyone is digital these days. Advertisers are hard to find for a print publication, especially a start up they’ve never heard of. Lastly, the cost of printing magazines has skyrocketed. So all these things sure as hell aint going to make it easy, but these ladies are going for it!

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