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Zero x Adrien Conrad: Springfield Horror Collection

Zero x Adrien Conrad: Springfield Horror Collection
Zero x Adrien Conrad: Springfield Horror Collection

As if pulled right off the couch in a 90s Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween special, Zero
has recently gifted the world a new line of pro boards and shirts dubbed, Springfield Horror.
The graphics were created by self-taught French painter Adrien Conrad, who’s work lives in a
gothic “romantic-punk” atmosphere, where he allows pop culture to meet the necropolis. Conrad
has presented the world such pieces as a horrific SpongeBob, a cursed McDonald’s box, and
countless skeletal figures.

This collaboration displays skulled versions of everyone’s favorite animated family, the
Simpsons, with a character designated to each pro. Zero’s fearless leader, Jamie Thomas, is given
a terrifying Homer design. Chris Cole has the Simpson’s matriarch, Marge, with her tall blue hair
taking up most of the deck’s space. Dane Burman was given the mischievous Bart, or “El Barto”
for those in the know. Gabriel Summers has little Lisa, doused in a bright red-orange on the
skull’s side to match the character’s usual dress. And Chris Wimer has the honor of being
associated with possibly the creepiest of the collection, the youngest Simpson, Maggie.

With Conrad’s work focused heavily on the macabre, there’s no wonder why Zero wanted to
collaborate with him. The chilling graphics somehow appear both hazy and rough in style, like
trying to make out a fiend through the fog. The brush almost bleeds down the board, distorting
each character’s mouth, which is a running theme through much of Conrad’s work. Except for
Wimer’s Maggie board, which has the character’s trademark red pacifier at its center.

Besides the decks, the new collection also features black t-shirts sporting the very same designs
($29.99), as well as heavyweight crew neck sweatshirts for only Maggie and Bart ($59.99).
There are also a pullover hoodie ($64.99) and t-shirt ($24.99) that feature the same dripping
“Zero” text that’s plastered on the top of the deck.

All decks start at $69.99 and are available now on Concrete Disciples or at the Zero website.

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