Review: Made in Venice DVD

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Made in Venice

The Made in Venice DVD dropped into my mailbox recently and I was excited to give it a spin. The movie has been showcased all over the place and reviews have been really positive. 

The story takes us way beack deep into the Venice history touching into the 70’s and landing hard in the heyday of the 80’s at the pit and when street skating took over in the 90’s. Things got bleak and most the skaters had given up. In come Ger-I Juice Mag, and Heidi Lemmon and some others who weren’t going to accept this. I remember attending the skater rally on the boardwalk, protesting to the city and passrs by what a crime it was to rip out the pit and replace it with nothing. Venice was a mecca to skateboarding. But things were still quiet for some time. Then a group of skaters brought the story to a council meeting with the petitions and when Jesse Martinez gave a straight up ‘How skateboarding Save Me’ to the board (council members) the ball got rolling. Many years later when the first scoops of sand were moved it was an atmosphere of disbelief! 

 Check out the movie for the rest of the story and all the details in between. It’s really a instrument for saving the story and for helping the next generation  see what can happen when you work hard for something. 

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