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Converse Eyewear

The Buzzer Beaters - My Favorite; great color and lens'
The Buzzer Beaters – My Favorite; great color and lens’

Converse has been known for their shoes since before most of us have been alive, most notably for their Chuck Taylor basketball sneakers which are more of a fashion shoe these days. The company has recently enhanced their product lines with some really good high end eyewear which I jumped at the chance to try out. After a few days a nice little package arrived with some samples; The Buzzer Beaters and the R002’s.

The R002 - kind of a 70's vibe and coloring's but modern still.
The R002 – kind of a 70’s vibe and coloring’s but modern still.

First thing I noticed was they they has some rubberized treatments (rubber patches) wherever the glasses met your skin. This turned out to be really comfortable and also keeps the from slipping around far better. Great feature! Then, the lens’ are also polarized which reduces a lot of glare.

It looks like their full line is between about $50 to $70 a pair. It’s a pretty price to pay so just don’t go sitting on them on your car seat or leaving them at the bar. You can check out many more options, grab more details, and purchase them at