Wooden Messiah Video

Wooden Messiah Video
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Hardnox Clothing

A few weeks back a good friend of mine introduced via telephone to a fellow skater on the East Coast named Mike Battle. Turns out besides skating, Mike and I are both small business owners trying to make it happen “grass-roots” style. Mike is one of the owners of a new clothing company called Hardnox.
Hardnox is a 100% core clothing company with all original ideas and art. As soon as I checked out the web-site I knew this was much more than your average “shirt-shop”. Crazy designs and kick ass art is the back bone of Hardnox Clothing. Mike was kind enough to send out a few shirts for me to check out. Just like the stuff on the web-site, the product was top notch. Quality shirts in all sizes (even Walrus size) along with fantastic screen work. These shirts are killer. What makes Hardnox stick out even more is they are owned by respected skaters from the East Coast and are doing there part to keep the East Coast skate scene alive and well. Like I’ve always said, support those who support skateboarding. Mike tells me they are working on a women’s line up as well. So be on the look out for some killer stuff coming from Hardnox in the future. Check’em out at www.hardnoxinc.com


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Santa Cruz Salba Bevel

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S-One Helmets

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Under the Influence – DVD

Under The Influence
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Bones Experimentals

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Scarecrow Skateboards

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Joker Skaterboards – Disgrace to Society Deck

Joker Skaterboards
Disgrace to Society Deck
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