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2023 Orchid Ranch – Pics and Results

Orchid is more than a contest, it’s an experience that I’m stoked to have been a part of. First off, the camping location was off the chain. It’s on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean just north of Santa Barbara. There is a trail leading you down to the beach with a vista bench at the top and a picnic table almost on the beach. There’s an indoor skatepark with comfortable dining booths and a kitchen in there that are for the overnight campers and rental parties. The bowl was sick and the skaters used all of it. Even the paint job was way cool as I believe I heard that Jaymeer, the guy who paints Burnside, painted the bowl this year.

2023 Orchid Ranch Labor Day Comp - Guizzetti
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2023 Orchid Ranch Labor Day Comp - Gurkzilla
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Some Highlights of the contest were a huge boneless transfer from the extension to the wave roll in or a few 360 hip transfers or even the transfers to the orchid disc to back in. This may be my favorite contest I went to this year. It was a non stop good time with rad people!

Results Orchid Ranch

Open Division:
1st: Héricles Fagundes
2nd: Al Brunelle
3rd: Matthew Wilcox
4th: Magnus Magiar
5th: David Dixon

Girls Results
1st: Joey Yarbrough
2nd: Katelyn West
3rd: Michelle Yoon

Grand Masters
1st: Aaron Astorga
2nd: Erik Biebelheimer
3rd: Steve Badillo

1st: Chad Shetler
2nd: Leandro Macae

12 and Under
1st: Kaydin Chastain
2nd: Koa Morehead
3rd: Kado Suarez

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