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Shred for the Stewarts – Oceanside Jam & Fundraiser


I have found that people can surprise you when you least expect it. Meeting Ryan at his fundraiser was one of these times. He was humble and friendly with a great positive attitude. When you consider the tough times that have fallen upon him, I was pleasantly uplifted to meet him. For those who don’t know, Ryan’s wife , Kim has stage 4 breast cancer. If that wasn’t enough, Ryan lost his job a few months back. To help alleviate the expenses that these trying times have brought to his family, Ryan’s friends orchestrated a fundraiser at Prince park in Oceanside, CA. The event brought in several skaters. Even Hall of Famer Paul Schmitt showed up to show his support. The Old Bros were there to support their friend as well. The skating was proper and the vibe was uplifting. There was also a huge raffle, in which I was lucky enough to win a few things myself. Ryan Stewart and his wife Kim are far from being where they need to be financially. I can only imagine how expensive cancer treatment alone is. Not including everyday living expenses. I have included links to help them out if you feel the need to help a fellow brother out.


Thank you for reading about this cause.

Paul Schmitt Prince Park in Oceanside 2023 - Photo by Gurkzilla
Francis Blume - Backside Transfer
Francis Blume – Backside Transfer
Jayson Lee Tail Tap in Oceanside - 2023
Jayson Lee Tail Tap in Oceanside – 2023
Brian FS Grabber grind
Brian FS Grabber grind
Townsend Heit Kickflip over the cone
Townsend Heit Kickflip over the cone, 2023
Raffle with Hailey and Brandon
Raffle with Hailey and Brandon

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