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Method Skateboards and Coffee – Aaron Artis Spotlight

Aaron told me the other day that his motivation for throwing events was to see the stoke in others while they enjoy skateboarding. What better person to facilitate such an atmosphere that spreads stoke than Aaron, as he is a freight train of positive energy and Ripping. Besides the roast ride jam, Aaron is an active DIY builder around Tacoma. He was one of the people who built the 11th St. DIY. His backyard is full of skateable DIY things . He even has a volcano fire pit which you can skate as well.  I’d say there’s probably more, but you get the point. Aaron is down to keep the fire going.

Method Skate and Coffee Shop in Tacoma WA
Method Skate and Coffee Shop in Tacoma WA

His skate shop was neat to me as he has a bad ass coffee shop in there as well, serving the best coffee (in my opinion) in Tacoma, Blue Beard. There are several old skateboards across the walls, along with retro literature and videos. I felt like family when I walked in the door. As did everyone else who crossed the threshold of his shop. You can find the shop here:

The Method

822 Court A

Tacoma, WA 98402

Method Skate Jam in Tacoma WA

The annual Roast Ride was a blast. People found everything from the shop sign to wall ride over  to the truck covered in ramps ( called “The Beast”) to skate the rainbow rail. People like Adam Crew, Ryan Spence, Bobby Dodd , Sam Hatten, Chris Baldwin, Slug and many others were there.  You can see from the photos that people were ripping there. Perhaps the highlight for me was when Bobby Dodd launched over the front of the truck. It does cost $20 to get in, but well worth it. Did I mention they had live music included in that. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the music started, but if the music was anything like the skating, I’m sure it was bad ass. This is one of those skateboard events you don’t want to miss.

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