Howie and Charlie’s Pink Motel Party


Charlie King and Howie celebrated turning 50 years old by renting out the Pink Motel and throwing a big party for eveyone in the in the valley. nonCon, a local valley punk band was summoned to play at the finale of the party and the they rocked the placed. I think about a hundred and fifty people came through and drank a brew, slashed a grind, high fived Charlie and/or Howie and had a great time.

the blob

Party Time with the Blob


Howie getting the most out of his 50th Birthday Party, no one got near as many grinds in.

corey phillips2

Corey Phillips grabbing a boneless one


carlos novo

Carlos Novo backside grinding the box.

matt spencer

Matt Spencer – Rock n’Roll


Shane-O smith grind.

eric grisham

Eric Grisham setting up

corey phillips

Corey Phillips lien to tail slide

darin sanders

Darin Sanders – man with the biggest grin



shallow end

the Shallow end was not as gnarly as we’ve all seen in the past, “you go” , “no you go!”


Thrashtag Rick

charlie king

Charlie King, cracked his ribs and didn’t skate much, all I got was this from him.