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KreperShow – DVD

Kreper Trucks Kre-perShow
The Anti-Video Kreper Trucks Video/DVD

Chris Swanson, Dave Reul, Pee Wee, Brigham Edwards, Kyle Hagerty, Billy Wilson, Ryan Carpenter, Seth Dunk, & J.J. Mace.

This DVD is the one we watched at the premiere party at the Pink Motel a few months back. ‘It’s out on Bail and out of Jail so that’s the way it goes!’ ~ Now the movie, being on DVD, has even more merriment than the original version.

The mayhem unfolds in a comic book fashion. There is plenty of stuff for the boys to enjoy as the Kre-per team reeks havoc along their path. There’s plenty of good street skatin, thrashin, destruction, blowing up stuff, ditches, gaps, pools, dirt diggin, team slams, wrecks, blood, beer, and sluts! There is also a tooth extraction, missing teeth, Baldy, really cool music for Ryan Carpenters part, screaming at random people in New Orleans, punk rock, a whole team Southwest tour including AZ., TX., MS., NM., parking garages, pooping, bums, downhilling, car wash gap, whiskey, girls, pools, guitars, shredding, and toy guns in his portion of the movie. Kinda wholesome on a satanic level. Swanson caps of the vid with a beer in his hand for every other trick (Burp!). Close the comic book and it’s over.

Some people will like this DVD and some people might not. It’s really one for the hardcore skater/partier/Jackasser (and trust me you wont miss the g-string stunts). I enjoyed it! This one should be available in some better skateshops for a while.