The Pink Motel - Back in Action

Kreper Trucks Video Premiere

Pink Motel Pool

Free Beer! Free Food! Free session all day at the Pink Motel! Watch the new Kreper Video too! ~ SICK!

Pink Motel – Sat. Sept. 13

The Pink Motel - Back in Action
Ryan Tate from Kreper sent us the word about this party and told everyone it was a free deal for all attendees. Free Beer! Free Food! Free session all day at the Pink Motel! Watch the new Kreper Video too! ~ SICK!

When I walked through the gate I saw Ryan straight away and thanked him for the party. It was 5 o’clock and time for me to jump in the pool for my customary 5 runs. Harsh sun and week knees led me over to the beer. It was nice to find 2 kegs pumping so I could always snag a tap and fill’er up. The session was getting pretty heavy and didn’t stop until well after dark. Some of the shredders I can remember getting grinds and airs in were Johnny Mathis, Cher, and Britney Spears. Really? Well everyone there was just shredding for a good time.

Later on I saw Ian from Kreper and thanked him too for the great party and free beer. He told me how people were tripping out because they didn’t have a ‘VIP list’, and that anyone could come skate at the party for free. That’s the best way to do it in my book I agreed! Quite a few guys, girls, and kids got to sample this legendary bowl for the 1st time ever. I am lucky enough to be able to claim skating it back in the Nickelodeon Skate T.V. days and I had hit that deathbox over 10 years prior. Wow this pool has some deep history, go check back in the history books.

Benji Galloway with Cholo backin him up!

After the The Fastplants, Skatanic Rednecks, and the Cliftons, the video was debuted. The skating raged on the whole time the bands were crankin out the tunes. Due to a lack of a big screen to play the video on it was recommended to try showing it in the deep end of the pool and this actually worked quite well. It gave a few rows of stadium seating around the lip and everyone was happy. The video rolled and lots of ripping ensued. The editing was pretty cool as it bounced around a comic book story line which blended into the actual skating. You could actually throw your beer cans at the screen and not hurt anything so lots of people did.

3 inches of Blood played right after that as the party was going a little past the allotted time and they were real good. Clean up was in effect so I said my goodbyes to old friends and high tailed it back home where I promptly crashed out. Yet another sick day at the Pink and pleasant dreams…

The Bowl

Al Partenan

The Cliftons

A Mean Grind

Dave Robarge – 50-50

Dave Reul

The Walrus

Bart & Buddy

‘Mohawk?’ Brad


Movie Go-ers