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Pam Brodowski’s Fundraiser

Dec. 8th @ the North Fontana CA. Skatepark

December 8 – Skateboarders gathered to join in Pam Browdowski’s battle against Lymphoma (cancer). She has been fighting hard and winning some days and losing others. We outsiders can’t imagine the stress Pam has and we all want to help in some way. This benefit was a oppurtunity for us all to help pitch in for a friend/family member and it is really great to see so many people ‘down’ to help her out. The fund raising consisted of a ton of Skate Products, Silent Auction, Raffle Tickets, food sales, and artwork from all over the skateboarding community.

I got some help below with this article in the form of well wishes from several of those attending the event:

Eddie Elguera

“Dawna and I are Praying for your complete healing, We believe that Jesus is the healer and has the power to heal you!!! He is the same yesterday, today and forever!!!” – Eddie Elguera

Las Vegas Crew - Les - Carl
Las Vegas Crew – Les – Carl

“Having the pleasure of skating with Pam here in Vegas and Cali we did not hesitate to attend the fundraiser and help support her through this difficult time. We love you girl, and our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, you’ll get through this!” – Carl Stephens

“Pam it was great seeing you and get well so we can shred vegas again soon!” – Les Pearlman

Kevin Burke cradle robber
Kevin Burke cradle robber

“We all are wishing you a speedy recovery Pammy” – Kevin Burke

Dave Hackett
Dave Hackett

“Dear Pammy, I know that the Divine Spirit is Moving any and all Disease out of your body. I know that you will continue to Skate and Rip and Style with Complete and Total Physical Health because you are Perfect!  And so it is…Love HACKMAN!” – Dave Hackett

Jim Gray
Jim Gray

“I am happy to have lived a life surrounded by such an amazing extended family of skateboarders. Pammy is one of our Family Members and coming out to show her we care was an honor and privilege. Skateboarders are tough and we are here with you Pammy to help you through your fight. I am proud of everyone who showed up to show love and support….” – Jim Gray

Steve Alba - Christmas Cheer
Steve Alba – Christmas Cheer

“Keep your head up and keep charging forward into battle! Luv ya Salbs” – Steve Alba

Josh Rodriguez
Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez – Lien Air

Animal 22 - Kickin out the Jams
Animal 22 – Kickin out the Jams
Carl Stephens - Roast Beef for Pam
Carl Stephens – Roast Beef for Pam
Donated goods for Auction and raffle
Donated goods for Auction and raffle
Daniel Cuervo - Slob Air
Daniel Cuervo – Slob Air
Whoa stinky!
Whoa stinky!
Tristan Rennie - Indy Tweaker
Tristan Rennie – Indy Tweaker

Pam and her friends and family would truly like to thank all of the sponsors (listed below on the flyer and also others not on the flyer) for their generous support. It was a fantastic day! It all goes to a great woman fighting hard to beat Cancer. It is not to late to help her pay some medical bills if you didn’t make the Benefit.

PAYPAL donations can be made straight to pamela_brodowski@yahoo.com

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