Five Reasons Not To Fence Your Skatepark

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Concrete Disciples Skatepark Apps

Florida and Southern California, we got an app for that.

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Upland Skateparks Grand Opening

Upland Skateparks Grand Opening
It was a glorious day for Disciples across the southland. An enormous piece of concrete had become available to ride on for free daily. And what a piece of concrete this thing is!

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The Best Skateboarding Links

Website Magazines:, Art of Skateboarding, Bailgun Mag, Blue Tile Obsession, Broken Magazine, Confuzing, Coping Block, Crail Tap, Del Mar Skate Ranch, Desert PipesDIYskate, Earth Patrol Media, Lowcard, Middle-Age-Shred, Negative Ion, Old Man Army, Paying in Pain, RadBalls, Real Skate, Salbaland, Skate and Annoy, Skate Daily, Skull and Bones, The Berrics, Typical Culture

International Skateboarding Links:
Endless Lines (France), Europeskate, Indonesia Skateboard Assoc., Info-Skate (Canada), Skatemap Romania, Skateboard Scotland, SkateMap Italy, (Australia), Swell Skate (Brazil).

Skateboarding Competition Leagues’ Links:
CASL, Dew Tour, Vans Skatepark Series, SkateMalmo, N.C.D.S.A., OG Jam Series, Street LeagueWorld Cup Skateboarding

Pro Skateboarder Links:
Steve Alba, Bob Burnquist, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, Mimi Knoop, Andy Macdonald, Lance Mountain, Ben Schroeder, Ryan Sheckler, Mike Vallely, Danny Way

Other Useful Skateboarding Links:
The Alliance – The Professional Womens Skateboarder Alliance, SPAUSA, Skaters for Public Skateparks, Tony Hawk Foundation, Venice Skatepark Assoc.

MalakyeAction Sports job listings.

Culture Honey

Skateparks – Josh Rodriguez

This park is very mellow and smooth. Its a real fun place to learn tricks and just roll around. It has a round bowl connected to a square bowl with a 6 ft spine, and a nice little flow area.

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Skateparks – Darren Navarrette

In no particular order, I would go to any of these:

1) Queto Equidor. its a Dinosaur of South American concrete craftsmanship. just a amazing place to ride snake runs, bowls and a full pipe.

2) Anaka Bowl Japan. old key hole that has been there for many moons. fine old crafted concrete. if your into the ways of once were this is a must.

3) Ram or Haro in England old snake runs nothing more to say really but old snake runs. Legends have rolled here.

4) Upland Skatepark, Upland CA.- Full pipe in upland California. It’s just one of the fastest full pipes I’ve ever ridden. Makes your eyes water when you ride it. So ya, it makes grown ass men cry.

5) kona skatepark. Jacksonville Florida. old legendary park many many hot moves have been done here. snakeruns old concrete vert ramp bowls. every thing a skatepark is supposed to feel like.

6) Dodge skate park in Columbus Ohio? well when there was no concrete any where there was only a few spots that you could find create dodge was the one to hold out in the Midwest. sick snackish run. a must in Midwest still standing concrete

7) THE TURF. No need to explain. If you want to know do your studies!


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List your 5 current personal favorite skateparks and why.

1) Vans Skatepark, Orange CA. – The new combi is the best pool of all time.

1) Bucky Lasek’s House– bigger and more open than combi but not quite as many lines. Much better atmosphere though.

Chris Miller corner air @ Pier Park – Portland Oregon

2) Pier Park – Portland OR. – The pipe and big bowl are pretty awesome. The line over the door is always exciting.

Chris Miller – Indy Air @ Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Encinitas CA.

3) Louisville Extreme Park, Louisville KY. – Another pipe and bowl combo that is amazing. I can’t even remember the rest of the park and I never even made it back to their vert ramp, but the pipe and big bowl are great.

4) Burnside, Portland OR. – In terms of creativity and history, maybe the best park ever. It is legendary and fun to skate.

5) Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA, Encinitas CA. – For anyone who likes vert, the history alone makes it great. The kidney pool is a gem and always fun. I kind of have a thing for the hip.

(Bonus Park) What is your all time favorite skatepark? Why?
Pipeline Skatepark, Upland CA. (R.I.P.) – It would take a long time to explain in detail but see all of the above and know that none of those would have happened without the influence of Upland.

Thanks to Earth Patrol Media for the Miller pic at Pier Park