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Lanark Park has Broken Ground finally

The mysterious Lanark Park Skatepark has finally broken ground. It is located near our headquarters in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) so we’ve been trying desperately to get the information about it. Although they have fronted it was full of community input and involvement nobody from around this area I have spoken with has had any input. I’ve repeatedly tried to get the design to share them here on CD but neither the city nor the Designer would cough them up. I am not sure why, but its probably because they just wanted to have as little info about it out in the public as possible so they would not get any flack. Anyways, they told me its very street plaza like and had no tranny except maybe a quarter pipe in there somewhere. I’ll continue to update as the construction goes on since it will probably be the only way to find out what its going to be like. At least it’s something….

Lanark Skatepark plan

(This plan mysteriously dropped on 3/26 on Facebook, just a couple days after this post went live)