Banger! In the Hangar

Event Update: @bangerinthehangar is still happening at the Houston Vert ramp – I’m tweaking the format due to the virus. Cutting the contest part this year. With everything that is happening in 2020 I wanted to at the very least get some people together to celebrate Vert Skateboarding and have a few days to session HVR. I’ll be posting registration info and more details soon.. stay tuned! Thanks for the support 

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2019 Renegade Vert Series Schedule


The Dates and Locations for the 2019 Renegade Vert Series:


More Details to follow when we have them…



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Rocky Mountain Rampage Results


For additional coverage check out Sk8 Strongs Facebook page

Vert Attack 8 – Results

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Upland Skateparks Grand Opening

Upland Skateparks Grand Opening
It was a glorious day for Disciples across the southland. An enormous piece of concrete had become available to ride on for free daily. And what a piece of concrete this thing is!

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Shoreham skatepark

High quality combi bowl and multi level street flow area

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From Over The Hill with The Walrus – 1985

Growing up in Alhambra in the summer of  85 was not your ordinary summer. That year my old man and I built my first quarter pipe/launch ramp. I call it a mix of both because the transitions were horrible and if you went too fast you could launch out of it. It had no coping and the wood could splinter the hell out of you if you weren t careful. I would bring it out every day and usually session by myself or with my friend Daniel Riggi. Read more