Van Doren Invitational – Womens Coverage 2015

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Tuesday, July 28th 2015, the womens top bowl and tranny riders were invited to participate in a fun contest at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach CA. It was very warm this afternoon and the ladies were sweating it out in the temporary concrete bowl build on the sand. The ladies worked through 4 heats of intense skateboarding to get the top 6 scores to make it to the finals.
They had to skate again immediately after the qualifiers and in a longer jam. After their intro runs it was go as much as you like. Run after run, trick after trick, none of them stopped more than a few seconds to get a breather because the other girls kept putting down more moves and upping their scores. The whole time there were 3-6 girls dodging each other through the bowls and trying to slap down their manuvers. The announcer kept on giving the remaining time and it seemed and eternity, like it would never end. But it did and in the end Allysha Bergado came through with the victory. She was throwing down good tricks in every area of the bowl. I saw airs in the big bowl, boneless to disaster on the Thrasher wall, sock plants, lien board smashes, and loads more before the final gun sounded.
Final Results:
1: Allysha Bergado, 88.75
2: Julz Lynn, 84.53
3: Lizzie Armanto, 81.21
4: Alana Smith, 80.15
6: Arianna Carmona, 59.72